I feel like time is just flying past! It's already August. I am in disbelief.

And my baby, my tiny little pumpkin head baby boy....will be a SENIOR in high school in a month. Ugh. I can't believe it.

Andrew is a master guitar player now...not typically on a small pink guitar. He's like a young Eddie Van Halen. Eddie Vedder? Young Eddie something. It's been a great hobby for him, and now the student has become the teacher and he is teaching this darling young girl. Having a skill like playing guitar is a great one because you can sit down and play on a street corner in Times Square and earn some money, or find young students who are children of your moms friends, like this sweet freckled face:

I realized the other day I am logging over 25 hours of volunteer time this month! That's a lot. A LOT!!

I really like my hair lately. This might be my new favorite length.

I feel like the days just run together. This is my life: Wake up, 30 minutes to get ready for work. Work work work the whole day through. Come home, make dinner. Eat, clean up from dinner. Do random house chores or run errands. Get on treadmill for 60-90 minutes, shower. Watch a tv show while fiddling around online with something or other. Go to bed. Wake up-repeat.

And with that, I'm off to the treadmill. Hope you all had a great day.


  1. Unknown Mami said...:

    I think you should schedule in some down time. Do it!

  1. Brian Miller said...:

    time does fly...my youngest goes to school this year...wow.

  1. Lynette said...:

    College is around the corner for him.
    Bit of advice...Fastweb.com.....go to it.
    Great place to apply for all kinds of scholarships for school. Free site and not too hard to get around.
    Short hair equals easy mornings, don't you think?
    60-90 min on treadmill...you in a marathon?
    Great going...your back on track.

  1. Heather said...:

    They do grow up soo fast. I was just complaining about that with my oldest neice (going in the 7th grade), slow down please! She just laughed and said NO.

    Your list already sounds full, how you find time for volunteering is just amazing!

  1. You are so right, this year has FLOWN by! What's up with that picture that is supposed to show your hair length? I can't see a thing in it, feels like I'm looking through beer goggles or something.

  1. Raven said...:

    My daughter graduated in June. It seems like I was just putting her on the bus for kindergarten. :( I can't believe how fast they grow up.

  1. I can't even picture by 1 yr old as a high school senior, but I know I will blink and she'll be headed to college. I hope you son has a wonderful last year in high school. Thanks for visiting Marlie and Me!

  1. SmartBear said...:

    Wait....you mean they grow up? Like, mine will be 17 one day? Holy cow! I was nervous about preschool!
    Time flies. And I can totally relate to your daily routine.
    P.S. Thanks for visiting little ol' me.

  1. Kimberly said...:

    Oh gosh. I don't know if I could handle my little guys growing up! I know it will happen but...ugh! Saw you on MBC! Nice to meet you!!! ~Kimberly


  1. April said...:

    I know exactly what you mean! Some days, it's just another day.


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