Weekend Wrap Up - Visitors Can Be Fun!

Guess who stopped by this weekend?

My parents! They were on their way to Reno to win some big money, so they stopped off and we fed them the best pizza ever! We have had grilled pizzas FOUR times this month! They are so delicious!!!!

And grandma had a bunch of questions for us about her new laptop, but this is very typical for parents, right? Every single person I know helps their parents with computer questions. 

I also had a friend visit this weekend who we haven't seen in 5 years and we love her as much as if she was part of our family...more on that later...but isn't she the cutest thing EVER??

The lovely Danell hung out with us for a couple nights and visited, and caught up on the last five years. We laughed about our memories from when we were neighbors 11 years ago, when she was 15, Andrew was 5, and I was 24....that was a lifetime ago!! Since then, she's gotten cuter, more mature, has a masters, is a teacher, got married to a super-handsome and wonderful military man, and traveled the world (or a good portion of it!). She's just an amazing girl!

And she taught us how to make the most delicious (and super healthy) broiled eggplant!!
I like it with cheese best, which is not AS healthy, but still...a great side dish!

We had dinner at the swanky restaurant in town and enjoyed the most delicious drink I have ever had. It's called something something creamsicle. I think they were REALLY light on the liquor part of the drink because we both had three and didn't really feel much of it at all. Regardless...BEST drink ever!

Oh-and we almost went and bought a new kitten after dinner....well...maybe the drinks did affect us a little....luckily, the pet store closed just before we got there. I'm still considering it...three cats is more than the humans we have in the house, so that seems a bit much. But kittens are sooooo cute!!!!

And another work week begins. Bleh.
Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    broiled eggplant...hmm. cool you had so many visitors...it is fun...and grilled pizza..mmm....

  1. Sounds like a wonderful visit from both the parental units and the friend! Love those kind of weekends!

  1. Ooh, broiled eggplant! Am salivating!

  1. Denis said...:

    How do you make grilled pizzas? I haven't eaten much eggplant but it can be tasty. I tried barbecuing one time. Fail :(

  1. Heather said...:

    So great to have family and friends to visit and cook food with.

    I have never known someone to have actually bought'en a kitten. Folk in these parts give them away for free.


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