Giveaway Blogs Photo Contest - Passion

There's a contest going on at Giveaway Blogs for a photo depicting Passion.

I'm going to toss my hat in the contest with this picture of Andrew and his passion: his guitar. He's never without his guitar for long, and he picked it up so quickly, it was as if he has been playing since the day he was born.

If you ever watched Friends and learned how to play guitar from Phoebe, you will recognize this as the Bear Claw note.

Giveaway Blogs is a site.

Thanks to them in advance for choosing me as the winner! :)

This post is an entry to the photo contest.


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    best of luck...the bear

  1. Raven said...:

    Good luck! That's a great pic!

  1. carma said...:

    I like the advance thank you :D nice pic.

  1. Lynette said...:

    omg....i love that you used the bear claw thingyyyyy. massive friends fan as well as uprinting too! great pic. off to visit you there!


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