Hotel Vintage Park Seattle - A Great Hotel Option for Seattle Visits!

Andrew and I headed up to Seattle weekend before last to do some school shopping, be tourists, and just to get away from the day-to-day life before school starts up (omg-this-week!). We don't have a lot of choices for big cities within driving distances, Seattle really is one of the only options, and there is a lot happening in Seattle so it's a really great option.

We have been to Seattle a number of times, just because my parents live so close, but we have never stayed in a hotel in Seattle before. We did this visit. And it made a HUGE difference on the vibe of our trip. It wasn't like we were just passing through. We were IN Seattle.

And we were IN an amazing hotel, the Hotel Vintage Park:

The Hotel Vintage Park is on Travel + Leisure's "Best 500 Hotels in the World" list - and it deserves to be. It's just lovely all over. It's right downtown and was perfect for us to walk to Westlake Center for lots of shopping and people watching (and Seattle has plenty of people to watch...the streets are full of a diverse crowd!).

From the minute you walk in:
To your journey to your room:

To the color schemes of the room:

To the cute little towel-doggie on the bed!

It's just lovely all around!
We were welcomed with a sweet note and some yummy goodies:

And a towel buddy on each bed (my fav is the elephant):

We felt like the hotel had done everything it could to make us feel special. The front desk help were all smiles all the time (which you don't always get at hotels!) and our concierge was awesome-she had this sweet accent and was super-friendly but it didn't feel like it was a fake "I have to be nice to you" kind of friendly-it was warm and felt genuine the entire time. All the staff were great, they helped us find the best places to shop nearby, they directed us to a good spot for a yummy thai dinner, they made our reservations at their restaurant, Tulio (which was amazing Italian food). It seemed like they really stood behind their hotel as being the best and it appeared as if they were all happy to be there. Again-this isn't always the feel you get at hotels!

Some things to note.....they offer some super-comfy robes in your room, in animal prints. Loved it. And you can request child size ones for your wee ones to use during your visit too!

I actually won one of their robes at a work thing last year, the deluxe robe which goes to the floor and is the most comfortable piece of fabric ever!

I love their soap dispensers, instead of the bars that go to waste when you leave. Very green! Love it. They've won awards for being eco-friendly, and well-deserved from what I can tell.

We had a little chuckle over the phone in the bathroom...because who has to contact someone so urgently that they can't wait til they are done with their bizness.....

We, of course, had to try out room service. Prices for room service are as you would expect for any room service, however their menu was much more fun than normal room service. We chose one of the best ideas for an evening room service ever: Fresh baked cookies and milk! I don't think they were a homemade recipe for these cookies, but were delicious and came to us piping hot. They do take 20 minutes to get to you, but they warn you of that AND hello....they are HOT! Hot yummy cookies!!! In our room delivered at 11:00pm. Does it get better?

Here's a pic to show you the scale of the room. This is me lounging on the couch, while Andrew attempts to recreate the towel dog (I told him not to touch it, but he just doesn't listen sometimes..). The room was 360 sq ft with a chairs, a couch and a small desk area (in the alcove behind Andrew below).
Our room was on the tenth floor, and as advertised, was a city view. I liked it-we had a tree, we had skyscrapers, unique buildings. Good 'nuff.

The only thing that really surprised me were the parking rates. The last 2 hotels I stayed at were in Los Angeles and had no parking fees. However, I hear this is not always the case, and yet I was a little surprised at the price of the hotel parking. And I later found out that since we arrived on a Sunday, we could have parked on the street overnight (though then I would have the security risk to my luxurious Honda CRV and the worry of when I have to move it in the morning). It was really nice to have the car in a secure area and so close, but it was just a surprise that it was so much. My friend who lives in the city said that it's not an outrageous price for parking, so I guess it's fine...just a surprise.

I'm not a wine drinker, as wine makes me sleep. Like to the point where I almost immediately must sleep after consumption. But for those who are, you'll love the nightly wine reception in the hotel lobby. All the rooms are named after wineries and the paintings in the hallways were wine-related. It was all very sophisticated feeling.

They have free wi-fi, a fitness room, a business center with a computer/printer, and now they have bikes you can check out!!! Bikes at a hotel are the greatest idea ever!

They are also a pet-friendly hotel which is great for us animal lovers. I didn't request an animal-free room(which they do have), but our room did not smell one bit like there was ever an animal in it (and I have a dog-smelling-sensitivity).

Overall, I would love love love to stay at the Hotel Vintage Park again. They are part of the Kimpton Hotel chain and I would highly recommend you stay at one of the Kimpton hotels when you travel. They have tons of locations.

Anyone ever stay at a Kimpton Hotel before? Please share if it was as wonderful as the Hotel Vintage Park.

** I was provided one night free of charge to bring you this review, but this is my honest opinion and I was not coerced to rave about the wonderfulness of the hotel - that just came naturally because it really was wonderful!


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    wow. you stayed at a swanky place...nice robes...and the towel buddies are a nice touch...seattle is a very cool place too...been far too long since i was there...

  1. Portland Rose said...:

    Looks like a fun time! I think there is a chance that I have stayed there before...but I must confess it was sort of a boozey weekend and so I can't be certain. I need to go back to check! :)

    P.S. I really want a cookie now!!

  1. Beautiful hotel! But I've been places where the parking fees shocked me. I'm a big believer in just adding the parking fees to the room rate. Why keep making people open their wallets?

  1. Duly noted. Should I ever get to go to Seattle, I'm staying there! I love the Julien Inn in Dubuque Iowa for the same reasons--all the oldness and quaintness.

  1. Anti-Supermom said...:

    Now I'm really feeling the need to get back to Seattle - ugh!

    Looks like a fabulous, fabulous stay!

  1. Raven said...:

    What a fun place to stay! I love that robe!!

  1. Debbie said...:

    What a great place! Sure beats the dives I usually find myself in:)

  1. carma said...:

    Wow -- very opulent - love the idea of the leopard print robes - sure beat those bland ones at other places -- I'm guessing the phone is for senior citizens who have a mishap and need emergency help??

  1. krista said...:

    sometimes i wish i was a person who rated hotels. like working for zagat or something. think of it! staying at all the fancy places for free!
    (i think the cookies and milk option sold me.)

  1. Courtney said...:

    The phone in the bathroom is for when you fall and can't get up.

  1. Christina said...:

    We had our wedding reception at a Kimpton hotel here in Chicago and I loved working with them. I have nothing but good things to say about them


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