Weekend Wrap-Up: Raw Eggs, Beer Bottle Games, Crime Scenes and A Bit of Sadness

I had such a great weekend. I got lots done around the house Friday - preparing for company.

Saturday was my normal volunteer event, Love Letters, after which, a group of volunteers came to my house for a pizza bbq. It was the most fun I've had with a large group for a long time-everyone got along so well. Sometimes groups of people get together and you have some catty girls, or some bitchy girls, or some guys who just rub you the wrong way (not literally)....and it seems like the last 3 or 4 times I've been with a large group of friends (over 8 of us), there has been some snotty comments made (I am def guilty of doing this!), and the last time someone actually yelled during the middle of it (at me!)-which I haven't had happen or even witness since high school really...but this group of people I had over on Saturday were just the best blending of humans. It was nothing but smiles and fun, and good food, and a bit too much alcohol (for some anyway), and a bit too much sugar (for the kids involved probably). But when everyone left and I looked around at the evidence of having a lot of people over-I just took a moment and thought about how grateful I am for the friends I have. I love you guys!

For some reason, I just didn't take many pictures, as I usually tend to do. I'm sure there were plenty of moments that should have been captured for all of time - like when I showed two girls under 10 how to play a Minute to Win It game that involves trying to get a raw egg across the kitchen floor using a cardboard piece as a fan. And even better than that moment was the look on their parents faces when they heard that the girls were fine in the kitchen-I showed them a game to play with an egg. A RAW egg??? they asked in disbelief. Yep, I'm great with kids.

The girls didn't want to waste my eggs and so when the second one cracked, they took matters into their own hands and duct-taped it. Very considerate, no?

We played a different Minute to Win It game where you have a stack of cards on a bottle and you try to blow off all of the deck except the very bottom card.
Cassidy (above) at age 11 was one of two to actually be successful at this game. It really is hard! Give it a try!!!

The next "party game" came about when someone noticed that there was something red on my carpet, which may or may not have been blood. We had about 17 people in the house at one point, so it could have been anyone, but with four kids bouncing about, we assumed it must be them and the parents quickly called them into the room and did a check for bleeding wounds. None were found.

Then we deduced, as a detective-collective-group, that it was not blood, and not alcohol, but was more likely to be red frosting. We put some on a napkin to test color samples.

It looked like a crime scene, so we made crime scene evidence placards, and of course, had to get a photo with a "dead body."
To recap-this sweet girl played a card game with a beer bottle and then we posed her as a dead body. I'll apologize now to her parents for any corruption we caused that they may have not approved of!

Just a really fun night on Saturday!

I got a new phone this weekend...accidentally. Andrew needed a new one and Verizon had a deal where if you buy the new Samsung Fascinate, you can get any other phone free. FREE. And I got a $100 credit for being a returning customer. Basically, we walked out of the store with two brand spanking new models of smartphones for $150.00. That's crazy, right?  I wasn't going to let Andrew get a smartphone because there's a monthly data plan you have to sign up with and why on earth does a child need to have constant access to the internet, blahblah, but well, he's almost 18. And he'll be going to college next year. And it is REALLY convenient. And he's the best teenager in the entire world. But what really convinced me is that the wonderfulness of Verizon has made the majority of their phones available ONLY with a limited data plan package. There are 14 phones that don't need them, the majority of which look like they are made for small children. Very frustrating-but whatever. Did I mention we got a free phone??? Free = good.

A very relaxing and wonderful weekend after a really long and stressful work-week.

On a sadder note...You know how some people are SUPER attached to their pets, as if they were their very own birthed-baby and they love them as much as you would your own child? One of my friends at work has that kind of relationship with her dog, Smokey. Smokey got cancer a couple years ago and had to have a leg amputated and he's been merrily hopping along for two years now. Literally hopping - three-legged dogs are so cute. It's great to see them hip-hoppin all over with as much enthusiasm and doggy spirit as any four legged furry friend. And they have a cool name: Tri-Pawd. Love that.
Alas, Ole Smokey has a new mass in his stomach and it's not looking good for him. I feel bad for my coworker because Smokey is such a HUGE part of her world. Please take a second and head over to her blog and leave her some kind words. She is definitely in need. If you're a passionate animal lover, you will understand what she's going through.


  1. Lynette said...:

    Gosh, wish I was well this last weekend because it seems all the fun was at your house. Yeah your right, the girl who is best at the card game would be the dead body next. LOL

  1. Brian Miller said...:

    aw...sad about the dog...the weekend sounds like it was fun though...may have to give a few of those games a try...

  1. Raven said...:

    It looks like you had a great time this weekend! You just know how to throw a party!

    That's too bad about your friend's dog. It's really hard to go throw something like that with your pet. Heartbreaking.

  1. Brandy@YDK said...:

    hahaha - you crack my up. So glad you had a great party.

  1. TQ said...:

    Thank you Kaylen :) Especially for all of your support last week! MUCH appreciated!

  1. What a wonderful weekend you had. I would loved to have been at your party. I love the "crime scene" photo, that is just too funny.
    I went over to visit your friend's blog and left her a cyber hug for Smokey. It is so hard when one of your family members is suffering. That is exactly how I feel about my puppies. You are so kind to care about her that way.


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