Reality TV At It's Finest

I have been really obsessed with the story of the miners-formerly-trapped in a mine in Chile. The entire story has been riveting - especially the beginning where everyone thought they were dead for 17 days and then they sent up a little note in a tiny hole. They had 33 of them survive 17 days on just 2 days rations!! Incredible. And they had no idea how long they were going to be there-but they stretched that food out. It's really the definition of a miracle, isn't it? Amazing.

For the last two weeks, I have woken up, grabbed my smartphone (good morning Samsung Fascinate!) and checked a few news sources for the latest on my miner friends.

And then when the countdown to sending the capsule down started, I was more obsessed.

I watched about 10 of the miners come out of the ground in their little drive-through-bank-type capsule..and cried every time they were reunited with the real world. Just amazing. Every second of it amazed me.

And, as others in the world have noted, it is slightly familiar to a time long ago, when there was just one non-miner stuck in a hole deep in the earth...

Little Baby Jessica in Midland, Texas - 18 months old, stuck in a well for 58 hours. A baby!!! THAT was riveting reality tv. Who didn't cry at that rescue? Just amazing.

And then there was another riveting reality event...where we all watched a white truck drive along a freeway for hours and hours....
Ugh, embarrassing to think about - but we all watched at least part of it, right?

These are the moments that fall under Reality TV. These are real events, around the world, bringing us all together. Even North Korea (aka the looniest country on the planet) was in Chile this week, though I suspect somehow they had a tie-in to the rescue of the miners to the son of their great leader Kim Jong-Make-Me-Ill taking over power. Obviously the two are related.

Riveting television. Why do we waste our time watching "reality" tv - why can't we just have more human interest stories on tv at night? I bet there are amazing things going on all around the world every day. I'd like a reality show about humanitarians, out in the field. No script needed-just a camera following them through the natural disaster areas, meeting and helping people. Wouldn't they have higher donations if we were actually seeing live feeds of their work? Probably! Someone call Ted Turner - cause I'm ready for some real reality. Move over Snooki (whoever the eff you are) - I'm ready for something real.


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    ha. yeah we were pretty glued the las tcouple days...what a awesome to see them with thier families...

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I totally agree, that is really a miracle about the miners and I can't wait to read more about it because you know they are gonna be in all the magazines and it will be interesting to see how the miner turns out that had the girlfriend show up and the wife there also, thats kinda sad how that turned out, take care :o)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Love me some reality !!

  1. Mari said...:

    This was riveting tv. I watched the entire thing. The best part was watching the miners being reunited with their children.

  1. blueviolet said...:

    That is really feel good tv to watch this, isn't it?

    Sorry about the nipple fake out on my blog post today. I swear I didn't even think of that when I posted it! It looked like a golf ball on my leg!


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