Weekend Wrap Up - Parks and Dances and Cupcakes, Oh My!

What a relaxing weekend. We had the greatest weather here. I hope it stays for 6 more weeks.

I was going to go for a walk at this park on Friday after work, but then discovered that some parks don't have any lighting. Maybe none do actually...but it's open until 10pm so I thought that would mean that there are some lights...but no, not even in the parking lot. Nope, not one. I had about 20 minutes before it went completely dark...so I didn't really get to go far.
We're most likely using this park for Andrew's senior photos and I just wanted to have a look around. What I learned is that this is a great park - if you want to be killed. It's DARK.

Saturday was homecoming at Andrew's high school.
He's got this adorable girlfriend, we'll call her Sarah.
Dear lord, aren't they the cutest things, ever???

I am definitely one of those moms who has to have a million photos. I don't like just plain stand-and-smile ones though...nope...I like to make them pose for me.
Like "look at the sky"
And "look to the left!"

At some point, they weren't so enthused to have their photos taken...

I have been so sure that Sarah looks like some celebrity....and for a week I have been struggling to figure it out...and I DID!!! She looks SO MUCH of Neve Campbell (who I love). You all know Neve from Party of Five.
If you watched Party of Five, you know who I mean - I grew up with this girl and so I feel like I know Sarah, because I knew Julia Salinger!

Anyway, Andrew had a great Homecoming night and rolled in about 4am, after going to the dance, then bowling, then to his gf's house with the group to watch a movie and eat pizza. Fun night!!

We did some yard work Saturday too. I love my backyard. I spent a fair amount of time just swinging in my hammock enjoying the blue sky. Love it.

Sunday was peaceful. I walked 7 miles (yay) and we made cupcakes for Andrews choir class.
I had some wonderful young assistants who helped. We made them with a creamy filling, instant pudding, a first for all of us - and we had a few learning lessons along the way. Like when you carve out the space for the pudding center, bigger is not better.

We originally were filling almost the entire center of the cupcake, but once our taste tester tried one of them, we realized that as soon as you take a bite, it tends to just fall into mushy pieces. So we cut back to a more reasonable filling center and they are wonderful! These are super-easy to make - and better than just making regular cupcakes. They probably took twice as long to complete, but it was our first time. And my assistants were young. And one of them would stop between every 3 cupcakes to ask about eating one. I would have said yes to that more often, but I caught on quick that sugar gives her energy!. I really appreciated their help though, as prepping 40 cupcakes is really tiring!

Abbey was the master cupcake-creamy-center-filler. (why did someone leave a cd on the counter amongst our baking station? bad idea!) Cassidy (who I didn't get a pic of!) was my master-froster.

Another weekend done and gone. Sad. Back to work tomorrow. I'm working on a deadline for quarterly reports and have a stressful week ahead. Not excited for that.

Have you made cupcakes with a creamy center? What did you use for your cream? The pudding is really creamy, I should have made some homemade creamy-stuff and I could have controlled the texture a bit better.

Oh, and do you refrigerate your cupcakes? I never do - but with the pudding in the middle (made with milk!), I felt like I need to.


  1. blueviolet said...:

    I love the way your son is the biggest ham in the entire photo! What fun you are to make them all do silly poses!

  1. unmitigated me said...:

    Me, too. The poses look fun. They'll remember that!

  1. kyooty said...:

    Those pictures look great. Bummer on the lighting in the park. Cupcakes and cream filling? I haven't tried that.

  1. Brian Miller said...:

    nice. he cleans up well...smiles. handsome couple...

    and those cupcakes...yumm

  1. Raven said...:

    They do make such a cute couple! Now I want a cupcake. lol They look nummy.

  1. Mom Taxi Julie said...:

    umm yeah that totally looks like a place to get dragged off in the bushes.. scary!!

    Adorable homecoming couple! I think my daughter wore a t shirt and jeans to the homecoming dance :/ Girls treat is coming up though and she's getting dressed up for that.

  1. Mama Zen said...:

    What a cute couple!

    Those cupcakes look yummy!

  1. I loved Party of Five!! Don't tell my husband, but I named my daughter Kerstin over one of the characters and yes, Bailey was one of my boy names picked out too. lol

  1. Brandy@YDK said...:

    you have a gorgeous boy! those pictures are awesome. and his little GF is adorable and does look like Neve. I've never done cream cupcakes - yummo.

  1. kilax said...:

    Andrew and "Sarah" are adorable! I love all the photos. I take a lot too.

    Way to go on the walking!

    Steven made me vegan "ding dongs" for my bday. They had a buttercream frosting + powdered sugar filling. We put them in the freezer because I like ding dongs cold.

  1. Heather said...:

    Andrew and his gf are so cute and the pics too!

    I used to watch "Part of Five" too and love Neve Campbell and yes she does resemble her. Now how in the heck did I not make the connection between Charlie and Jack as the same actor, I will never know!

    Girl, I have never even tried to make regular cupcakes! You rock!


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