Weekend Wrapup - Laughing at the Library, While My Gov't Laughs at Me

Life is so busy!!! It's just crazy how fast time is going. Hello - it's NOVEMBER?? How did that happen??
I feel like I'm going to turn around and it's going to be 2035, and I'll be retired and living the good life (thanks to my wealthy boyfriend and or husband).

It was a nice weekend - busy, but nice.

Friday night I volunteered at our local library for the first time. I use the library a LOT, so it's about time that I give back to help my city library. I have saved billions of dollars on books due to this incredible library. It started off a bit boring - I washed down the tables and chairs (later I sorted dvd's and that was fun for me, I like organizing things). A mom and her two young sons were wiping down the magazine racks nearby and we were all surprised at the dust they were getting off of them, apparently it's just a once a month dusting event...I'm not sure, but it was an excessive amount of dust. The mom was wonderful and kept the two little ones interested, explaining how great they are doing, talking about how helpful it is that they are volunteering, etc. At one point, the youngest son (maybe four yrs old) says to the mom - we should do this at home sometime!

The mom looked over and we all laughed. She said - you're right, I bet we have a lot of dust to collect at home too! Kids are cute. I love seeing them volunteer, it's so good for them.

Saturday involved a fight with the teenager, who, for the record-is not always right. The comment of the day from my typically really smart son was: Restaurants who offer coupons do so because they are not good restaurants. They offer coupons to get business because they can't people to come in any other way.

We went to a reception for USC, which is the school he wants to go to more than anything in the world. Let's all wish him luck, since they have a hard admissions process. He somehow always ends up with what he wants, so there's that on his side...

Saturday night was the opening night of the musical!!!  More on that tomorrow.

And then today was Halloween.

This is a costume for my cats, but strangely they don't like to wear it.

I saw a couple updates from people I know talking about how they've had over 300 kids come by SO FAR, and all I can think about is how much money they just wasted. I spent $12 on candy and felt like that was almost too much..and I only had about 20 kids, maybe 25. I have leftover candy which I'm going to hand out at my next volunteer event. Someone please remind me next year to spend just $5.00. The cuteness of the kids I saw tonight were not worth $12.00. Sorry kids...it's true. The only original costume I saw was one where a young teenager had a bunch of masking tape on his black shirt, and on the tape, he had written: COSTUME. That's the level of creativity I got for my $12.00.

I got my quarterly tax bill in the mail this weekend and I feel like it's a big joke to the county.
They even had the nerve to throw an LOL on my bill. Jerks.


  1. Nat said...:

    We got TWO trick-or-treaters... and they came together. Lame.

  1. Brian Miller said...:

    ha..LOL. nice capture...they should put that after several taxes...yeah we had 2-3 trick or treaters...but we were out for about an hour so maybe more...most around here got few so they loaded up my boys...

  1. The LOL is TOO funny!
    Aw, we saw tons of trick-or-treaters out last night. Such a grand time.
    You are good to dust the library--what a chore though!

  1. Brandy@YDK said...:

    we only had a handful of trick or treaters. yay for leftovers.

  1. Debbie said...:

    I'm still laughing about the kid saying they should dust at home sometime! Sounds like something mine could legitimately say.

  1. Midwest Mommy said...:

    300 trick or treaters? How is that even possible. We got like 8, lol

  1. Raven said...:

    We don't get any trick or treaters in my building, and at my mom's house she got like 5. I can't imagine over 300! Holy cow, that's a lot of money, I mean, candy.

  1. carma said...:

    LOL. I just pulled out my tax bill this morning and did a nervous LOL since it is for the year....


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