Crappy Andrew Wins All The Time!

Andrew is 18!!

And in our family, that means we are due for a trip to the casino!!!  So off we went...and, in continuing with our theme of "Andrew is the luckiest boy ever," Andrew did a bunch of this:

I have no idea how to play craps, but apparently Andrew was on a winning streak with the dice.

And he walked away with a bunch of these:
Better than doubloons.

We went to the casino with grandma on Tuesday night, where grandma won $125 at a slot machine. Andrew walked away (after two hours of playing) with $8 extra dollars. Kaylen walked away $33 less than she went in with.
We love the bonus games!

Then today we went with grandma, grandpa and my nephew Tyler, and Andrew had some action at the craps table (hence "crappy Andrew") and walked out with $280. I have no stats on the rest of us because nothing we did compared to that so why even bother talking about it.

Exciting action shot!
Yay for Andrew!

*Yes, I am aware that gambling is not necessarily a good hobby to teach young adults, however, Andrew is the most careful person with his money and I have no qualms about him donating a little to the native americans whose land we stole and in return we gave them a tiny bit of land where they wisely built a place where they can steal the white mans money back while making that white ma think it's fun. Haha, joke's on you, white man!

**All the photos are blurry because I'm not entirely certain you are allowed to take photos in the casino so I pretended to be on my phone each time.


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    dang...can i borrow him...smiles.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    There is nothing wrong with a little bit of fun and sure sounds like everyone had fun and lucky win on the big bucks too :o)

  1. Could the boy possibly turn this into a college tuition fund?

  1. Debbie said...:

    He is lucky! Maybe a little will rub off on you!


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