The One Where.....

This is the one where I have nothing to say.
It's funny cause on this date in 2008, I also posted the same problem.
And in 2009....SAME issue (but one day later)!!

Apparently, all of the post-Andrew-birthday hangover hits on this day and I'm incapable of writing all of the amazing words that typically keep you riveted to my blog.

Since I can't entertain you verbally, here's a great picture that was taken my senior year--my GLAM SHOT!!!
I'm not kidding...I did this!!

Look at that hair!! Yikes, and those eye such a young age-those eyebrows were there!

And is that really supposed to look like I'm wearing a ball gown? Cause someone failed here - I'm not wearing a shirt (well, I think I was but we somehow pulled it down below this beautiful scene) and they just draped this fabric over me. They did a horrible job of it. Whoever the fabric draper was deserves to be fired---they were not good at their job!

Please note my perfect and lovely teeth though!! And this is proof that my teeth really were aligned at one point in life. My jaw is slowly shifting over time and I have an overbite, my teeth in the front no longer touch and my jaw is defunct. I sound like an ogre....sometime I feel like one.

But not back on that day. On that day, I felt glamorous for my glam shots.
Go ahead, feel free to leave a comment admitting that you had this done too!! I know you did!!!


  1. Nat said...:

    I LOVE this.

    My senior pictures took forever to take and I ended up only liking ONE of them, which was the one where I happened to laugh and they took a picture. The poor picture people tried so hard with me, trying to get a "serious shot." I am just not able to pretend to be serious when I'm not feeling that way.

  1. I never did the 'Glam Shot', but I admit that I wanted too.

  1. Portland Rose said...:

    Oh man!!! You found it! Awesome. Very glamorous!

  1. Denis said...:

    Wow Kaylen!! P.S. I wasn't aware that you have overbite

  1. Katherine said...:

    I did not have this done, but I wanted to. All my friends did. My mom just wouldn't let me do it.

    Don't feel bad about the teeth thing....mine used to be perfectly straight on top and bottom. Now my bottom teeth are crooked. Go figure!


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