Scenes from My World

I am unspired to write anything.
So here are the last three pics on my camera, with a short story on each:

This was a gorgeous day last week! I filled our yard bin with leaves from the yard, but only one of five sections of leaves mind you, which means I would need five weeks still to remove the leaves from my yard before winter. Ha-wish me luck. I suspect mother nature has a different plan. As I was working in the yard, Andrew and his friend came by and they very happily (too happily) agreed to climb up on the roof and sweep the leaves and needles off. We only have one outdoor broom though so Andrew's friend grabbed a large tree branch and made great work of it. 100 points for being creative! (for the record, I do have gutter covers and they work GREAT and I just have to brush things off the tops sometimes, WAY less stress and mess than reaching in and digging out the nastiness!)

This is Andrew and my niece, Alyssa, on Black Friday after a very busy morning not sleeping. We all just hit a wall about 10:30am. It's weird how big these guys are. Just the other day, they were super cute and we could just push them around in a stroller and dress them up like we wanted and do their hair. And now they are just these teenage creatures who have a mind of their own. Time just flew right by! People always say that when you have a baby and you think to yourself, "yeah, yeah, I've heard that already, blahblah," but then you just wait a few years and you learn that holycow, a whole year just went by?? Where did my baby go???

This is Whiskers - adorable right?? He loves to snuggle up on this blanket. I'd like to take a moment to point out that the big blue lump at the bottom of the pic is not my stomach, but rather the blanket is folded over onto itself, which acts as a wrist rest for my hands when using the laptop on the couch. And please disregard the pile of junk on the ottoman.  The blue blanket is of note's a heated electric blanket and we keep it on the couch where we typically watch tv together. It's wonderful - you turn it on and you sit back and suddenly you are in this cocoon of warmth, however, what's not wonderful is that it makes you want to go to sleep...note Whiskers, who was not tired when he jumped up here. The blue heated blanket casts some kind of spell over you and you suddenly have this urge to close your eyes. I have learned to never turn the blanket on when I'm working from home. Or if I want to do anything at all the rest of the night. And....I have had it on for the last hour and now I must go to bed....


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    ok so i feel like a nap no..........zzzzzzz

  1. You gave me a wonderful idea. Instead of the snuggle, the next cool night I am digging out the electric blanket. :)

  1. carma said...:

    ohhhh...I need a magic blanket like the one you speak of

  1. Brandy@YDK said...:

    The first picture cracked me up. And a cocoon of warmth sounds heavenly


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