Advice For My New Houseguest?

I was awoken this morning by the sound of some pitter-patter of some cute little feet.
Her feet:

She looks so vicious!!
Ginger is typically a gentle giant, hissing a lot, but never attacking anyone. She lumbers around the house, but quick to skitter away with any noise. She's scared to death of strangers and the doorbell will leave her rushing under the bed.
But today....this morning at 5:35am, Ginger found her courage.
Apparently she just needed to be motivated.

I awoke to her little feet frantically rushing across the room, obviously chasing something.
And for someone who doesn't chase things for a living, she was doing spectacular by the sounds of it.

I turned the light on and sweet Ginger was staring intently at the stack of books next to my bed, which was slightly askew. The new John Grisham book (a really great read!!) was now harboring a fugitive. And as Ginger attempted to move John's book out of the way, I caught a glimpse of a tail. Not a tail that belongs to any of my creatures. Some kind of MOUSE was taking shelter in MY house!!!

So I did what any smart person would do.
I turned the light off.
And waited for Ginger to take care of this issue.

And cringed. A lot.
And waited some more.

And then...nothing. So I turned the light back on to see what Ginger has done.
And found Ginger - staring at the wall. Not the bottom of the wall. The top. As if our mouse had some kind of wall-scaling ability.
sigh...she tries, folks. She is pretty, she has that going for her...

She eventually started hunting again around the laundry basket and that's when I decided I should just give her some peace, so I left the room. There was no way I was getting involved. I just wanted to let her get it, or let it go away.

BUT - I do realize that I need to do something. Sooooo.....what do I do at this point?
All advice will be considered.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    There are traps here:
    Seriuosly... they are the best. Got mine at Target and Walmart. Holly (from the farm!)

  1. Pixie said...:

    OMG too funny! Go Ginger!

    And either

    a.) you can let Ginger have some fun and kill the intruder

    b.) go get one of those no kill traps and trap and release the intruder

    From my experience Cats can be pretty cruel with their prey....and it can get messy...especially if you're like me and don't really look where your going in you own house at the wee hours of the morning

  1. Brian Miller said...:

    ugh. put down one of the sticky pads that they run across...

  1. debbie said...:

    I had mice for the first time on my enclosed front porch two years ago. My cats wanted to go there so bad, than, I swear not 5 minutes later, 2 of them would be screaming (yes,literally)to come back in. Either cats are hunters or they aren't. Mine aren't. I hate to tell you this, but mice are never single. Chances are if you have one, you have others. I ended up just using the old fashioned traps with peanut butter to get rid of mine.

  1. Unless (and I hate to tell you this) you have mice in your walls like my girlfriend did and she senses others...
    Girl cats are always better hunters than boy ones...

  1. Raven said...:

    You can buy a humane trap and realease it, or you can let Ginger go to work and then dispose of the remains. I choose to do the latter when a mouse invades out house.

  1. Midwest Mommy said...:

    I say get it quick before they multiply. We had an issue in our garage a few years back. Not good!

  1. Aunt Juicebox said...:

    I think I'd get a trap, maybe one of those glue kind? I don't know...I wish I could train my cats to kill spiders a little more regularly instead of playing with them like toys! lol

  1. Denis said...:

    If Ginger or Andrew's cat (you didn't mention that cat) aren't doing their job you could bring in somebody else's cat for a couple days (stash yours away somewhere) Mine doesn't seem like a good mouser but I've seen some good ones.


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