And We're Back....

After two more hours on the phone tonight with a fairly nice lady in the Philippines, I'm happy to report that my new and maybe-wonderful printer is now communicating with my home computer.

Two hours.

Add that to the four hours I had already spent.

It was some kind of issue with my router not recognizing my printer, or something about an IP address, or something about the stars not aligned correctly...I really don't know. It's fixed now though and this printer better never have any problems ever. The rest of my life.

And for my pain and trouble, my nice new friend in the Philippines offered me her special employee discount off printer ink, which she isn't supposed to offer to anyone, but she just felt so bad for all my trouble. But I could only use this kind offer of hers if I buy the extra-large size and only if I buy them immediately while I'm on the phone with her. Unfortunately, I wasn't willing to pay the $90.00 she was requesting for this great offer, even after she did a break down of what my savings was going to be per page and how she "knows that I like to print a lot" and this is a better deal for my future costs of ink....but I just had to decline. We aren't that close of friends that I feel comfortable making use of her employee discount.

We'll resume with our regular fun and fancy-free blogging tomorrow.


  1. Brian Miller said...: least it is working right?

  1. Brandy@YDK said...:

    so glad it's working. and smart choice not buying the $90 worth of ink.

  1. Raven said...:

    Congrats on getting the printer working. Here's to hoping you have no more problems with it, ever!

  1. AprilM said...:

    What? You didn't take the ink deal? But didn't it come with that bridge? ;-)

  1. carma said...:

    that had to be frustrating as crap. I don't even have a wireless printer not that I'd be able to figure it out.


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