I've Been A-Missin, But I'm A-Back!

Dear sweet baby buddha, we are busy.
I have been away, you probably noticed, but I have only 4 posts for the month of December.
First I saturate your inbox with my NaBloPoMo, and then I just disappear and leave you all wondering, what just happened?
Where did Hurricane Kaylen go??

I've been BUSY. Doing what, Kaylen, you ask? Oh, you know, this and that....Here's a short list:
  • I've been making holiday ornaments for low-income seniors on two different days with great groups of 25 volunteers (more on that later).
  • Had some really great laughs during a perfectly wonderful games night with friends.
  • Taking pictures of downtown Portland from my car:
  • Watching my son on ESPN3 at the state high school championships (his music group sang the national anthem!):
  • Dodging mother nature and going to find our xmas tree between torrential downpours.
  • Driving across town to second-hand knitting stores on a hunt for cheap crochet hooks (fail).
  • Wearing a santa hat everywhere I go.
  • I went to a dinner at a local restaurant where Andrew's singing group treated the group of parents in attendance to a nice 20 minute private concert:
  • Making holiday tags for the family that features their photos (feel free to steal this genius idea):
  • I went to the high school play, where Andrew performed a song that he wrote-hello, talented much?? Take a listen here and be amazed.

He composed that song!! Amazing, right?? The words aren't his but the music is (I think some guy named Bill Shakespeare wrote the words). He's the best, right?? Feel free to tell me how great you think he is in the comments section. I never tire of hearing it.

And I am BACK!!! I'm hoping to get back to posting at least three times a week and I have only probably left 10 comments total all month on other blogs (I usually leave about 20 a week!). So if you haven't seen me stopping by, it's not personal.


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    you know he is great...smiles. and sounds like you have been filling life with lots of good stuff

  1. 1. I adore that you go around wearing a Santa hat.
    2. Your volunteering is a blessing. Bless you.
    3. Your son--what a remarkable kid. Brava to you for producing him! Bravo to him for channeling his gifts and talents and sharing them with others.

  1. 1) Love the Santa hat
    2) Love high school kids that sing
    3) The gift tags with pictures is BRILLIANT! I have printer paper to make stickers and I'm going to make tags for the little nephews!

  1. lo said...:

    Totally stealing the tag idea and glad you're back!


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