Sunday Night Trauma, aka I Hate You New HP Printer

I had high hopes of a really great post tonight, however, I spent the last THREE hours working on trying to get my new and wonderful wireless printer set up.  During my frustration though, I browsed about the CSN stores and I am ordering a wonderful new bench from them this week for my front entryway-something I have wanted since the day we moved in here. I believe CSN when they say they care for me. Because they prove it-by having the largest selection possible, great customer support and fast shipping. So visit - you will find anything you need in life. Like these extra tall bar stools.
This printer issue though...ugh...not good. I just can't tolerate the time I am wasting on it!!
This is after I spent an hour this morning.

And two hours last week.

And I just spent 90 minutes chatting online with HP web support with some very nice lady who walked me through a variety of set-up steps that I have done at least 3 times on my own, and finally she asked me to reset the entire world: router, printer, computer, fridge, washer/dryer, dishwasher, neighbors garage door code...and assured me that this would clear it up and my printer would then be ready for action.

However, she lied.

And so I got back on HP web support chat and had some woman who is probably great in real-life and a very nice person....but sucks at customer support and really sucks at chatting online (there was a minimum 2 minute delay between my question/reply and hers). She did not help me at all. I supposedly was transferred in the chat world to her supervisor who assured me that HP cares about me and is very sorry for my frustration. I'm not entirely certain I believe that, though it is nice to hear the words that someone cares about you....

Can I even express how frustrating this has been?? No, I cannot put it into words. There are no human language words for this feeling. Do I really have time to waste on this?? NO, I really don't. It's almost Presents Day, and then it will be my birthday, and then it will be Spring Break, and then it will be May and then Andrew will be graduating soon after and then leaving me forever. And so this HP printer just took away some of the precious time I have left living with Andrew. And I hate them for that. Eff you, HP.

And maybe it's not the fault of HP, but my last 3 printers have been Canon - and every one of them was ready for action after a very short, pain-free amount of setup time. And I loved them all. And I really miss them right now.

And because of my frustration and desire to throw this printer into burning pit of flames, I am unable to post about my really great weekend and all the fun I had with my son, and my friends, and my sons friends. And the yummy new food I made this weekend. And the visit to downtown. And Andrew's college interview. And ANY bit of happiness. Because I am in printer hell right now.

And if you stick around my blog long enough, you'll see a nice giveaway from CSN in the near future.


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    you know...i feel the same about our verizon router...and help desk sucks...i am glad you had a great weekend though...

  1. Denis said...:

    Too bad you didn't ask the Phil, Denis and John super team to help out

  1. Brandy@YDK said...:

    um. so i guess - you didn't figure out how to print from your phone. okie dokie.

  1. Technical support is totally one of the circles of Hell. Sorry you had to go there.


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