Adventures in Volunteering: Holiday Ornament Project

a little late on this's just been sitting here waiting for me to hit Publish! Blogger fail #1 of the year.

For the fourth year in a row, I hosted a popular volunteer project where normal people came together on a weekend afternoon and created some amazing holiday ornaments/decorations for a local non-profit. This is something simple that anyone can do - just all a few local nonprofits, usually residence centers of some sort, and ask if they could use them. Easy!

For my projects (I have this twice in December), I provide a mish-mash of supplies, it looks like a garage sale exploded on the supply tables, and then I just sit back and let people amaze me. And they really do amaze me! Every year, I see the most incredible decorations created by the end of our two-hours.

My favorite reindeer of the year!
My Medusa ornament...

Note my Medusa up in the top left - I added a little bandanna to her and changed her to a more holiday-friendly babushka.

My friend Tara and I were making separate ornaments - she had this ball of feathers and I had a square face with no real plans for where I was going - and we somehow ended up with this awesome feather ornament that some senior man is going to LOVE.
Alison's puffy-ball covered ornament - it was super cute and this pic doesn't do it justice.

One of the tables with the finished products!

Cassidy working hard!

John, Abbey and Tara creating masterpieces.
Love this little baby Jesus!

Abbey's snowman - LOVE the outstretched arms.
Teeny, tiny clothespin reindeer!

I love the holidays - the amount of people who volunteer, and the enthusiasm and energy that they bring, is so inspiring.

And this ends the holiday posts for at least 11 months. I'll miss them.....but stay tuned for more volunteer posts.

I have a big giveaway coming this week!!! You don't want to miss out, so come back soon.


  1. Holy craftacular! I have a plan to keep all our crafty stuff in one huge box and dragging it out regularly for the boys to mess around with.

  1. ♥Georgie♥ said...:

    I am checking in to see if your SSS gift finally arrived? your partner said she shipped but I did not get a dc# from her so I cant verify...I really hope it arrived!


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