Welcome to the New Year!!!

Good god, can you believe it's 2011? Time is moving at mach speeds. I just want it to slow down. I'm going to be 37 soon!! And then I'll be 40...then 50...then 80...then I'll die. Sad.

BUT - before all that happens:
I had a really fun New Years Eve party! I love love love my friends!! They are great people and it's such a great mix of personalities that blends well together. I adore them all.

This was the drink of the night:
Blackberry brandy slush!!!
You can find the recipe here.

This is by far my favorite drink and if you were at my house on Friday night, you would have witnessed evidence of this, as my glass was never empty for long!

I think there were about 15 people here at most, which was a perfect amount. Some left, then some more came. I saw some people I rarely ever see, which was wonderful. One of the CRNA's I used to work with at the hospital came with his lovely wife (she's a social worker-you have to love her just from that info). Some work people came. My bestest pal J-Mac made it. Young Natalie's sister and husband came (they were a ton of fun!).

Since I was so busy with a full drink in my hands at all times, I didn't get a lot of photos myself, but thankfully, Denis and Natalie took some too.

Andrew was with us at the beginning and wanted to play Mafia so we had a few rounds of that, which is always fun when you have over 10 people. We did lots of chatting it up and then played some rousing games of Spoons - the best game in the world. It was a great night, and I'm not just saying that because I drank twice as much as normal! Others agreed!!

Like these folks:
Could they be a cuter couple?? Rob-Bob and Courtney.
And there's these guys who are very clearly having a great time:
Adorable!! Mike and J-Mac.

Action shots....as I was defeated from my championship throne by Phil!!!
Our Canadian friend Denis brought a remote control for my camera, which was a TON of fun and which I MUST buy soon. We worked really hard to get a photo of us popping our poppers at midnight...and the only photo that came out as an action shot was one where I look like I'm being attacked...but disregard my scary face (and this makes up for posting the funny pic of J-Mac up above).

Denis, Jeff, my hideous face, Michele, Courtney, Phil, Rob-Bob, Natalie
This was a wonderful end to the year 2010 and I'm so happy to have celebrated with the friends I did!

Bring it on 2011...I'm ready for some more fun!


  1. Brandy@YDK said...:

    what a great time! I tried to make the blackberry brandy slush but i didn't give it enough freeze time.

  1. Brian Miller said...:

    nice...looks like you had a lot of fun! first time on in the new year myself...so happy new year!

  1. Looks like such a fun time! Happy New Year, Kaylen!

  1. Denis said...:

    That blackberry brandy looks very tasty. I wish I had tried some!

  1. I love seeing photos of your parties, they always look like such fun. You have the most wonderful smile, so I'm glad that you show it all the time.
    Wishing you the best new year full of love, laughter and good health.

  1. TQ said...:

    Thank you again for the invite! Looks like you had a great time :)


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