If you Drive an Older Red Truck, You Are NOT my Friend

While driving home from a visit with some friends the other day, I was on the freeway, in the left lane - what some of us refer to as: The Fast Lane - and I'm following an older red truck, going approximately 6mph over the speed limit. We're working our way up this long slow hill and find ourselves forced to slow down to 6mph below the speed limit due to an suv of some sort in our left lane. Slow-moving suv wasn't following conventional wisdom of the left lane driving laws that state: If someone is fast approaching you in the left lane and you can safely move over to the right lane, then you are obligated to move over to the right lane.

Good drivers know this, right?

So after trailing slow-moving suv up the hill for a few minutes, my older red truck friend passed slow-moving suv on the right. There was plenty of room to do so. Slow-moving suv was just being a nuisance by forcing the rest of us to pass on the right.

I waited for a minute to see if slow-moving suv learned his lesson after being passed on the right by older red truck (how humiliating), but no, he just kept toodling along below the speed limit. So I also passed on the right. No harm done, it's fine. Totally safe at the moment. And then I proceeded to get back up to my preferred speed of 6mph over the speed limit. Though I really did 10mph over the speed limit to get up the crest of the hill faster, as I hate when my car starts losing speed on hills and I'm the one being humiliated by older red trucks.

Up and over the hill I go and now I'm over the hill, we're on a flat roadway and I'm now at a good spot travelling behind my older red truck friend going 6mph over the speed limit. Perfect.

I'm not a tail-gater, except in extreme cases (like when my windshield wiper fluid wasn't working in the middle of the snow storm and I couldn't see through my mud covered windshield so I had to tailgate for a few minutes to get the water spray from the vehicle in front of me so I could run my wipers and actually see the roadway). So I can assure you that I was not tail-gating older red truck.

We mosey along and we're caravanning, older red truck and I.  Bob Marley is singing, I'm happy. Life is good in the left lane. We pass a few cars. Nothing out of the ordinary.

And a few miles later, older red truck pulls over into the right lane and slows up a bit. I assumed he was going to exit soon, why else would he give up his left lane spot?

Instead of exiting, older red truck slows til we're next to each other and then he paces me and very deliberately rolls down his window halfway (mind you, it's 21 degrees outside and we are going 66mph), and he sticks one hand out....one hand holding up one tall finger.

reenactment photo
I was shocked!! Did we not just bond over the passing of the slower-moving suv?? Did we not just cruise along down the highway together, enjoying the freedom of driving out and about on a non-rainy day? We were caravanning!! Bob Marley was playing, for christ's sake!!!  Who flips off someone for no reason???

And it wasn't like it was a quick and easy flip off. No...he had to actually turn the handle of his window---it wasn't even an electric window!! He had to put EFFORT into flipping me off. Appalling.

I am a good person. I do not deserve this. I hope he felt shamed when he saw the wolf conservation sticker on the side window. Or the I Volunteer sticker in the back window. SHAME, SHAME on you, older red truck man.

There is just too much meanness in our cruel, cruel world.


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    maybe its a salute where he is from? ugh...

  1. Lynette said...:

    your right...makes you scratch your head and go duh? Maybe he did not have Bob Marley playing? Hopefully he was just showing you how to pick your nose...the preferred finger? Could be he was hoping for a good looking guy to be driving and was shocked at the hot babe instead?

  1. I would have flashed him the biggest smile and waved.

  1. Raven said...:

    What a jerk! You should have blown him kisses. That's what I do when people flip me off on the road.

  1. Brandy@YDK said...:

    i'm sorry - i laughed. what a jackwad.

  1. What a jerk! I despise the mean drivers. Get a grip, I want to tell them.

  1. And I have been known to boycott businesses when bad drivers advertise them on their vehicles. There are 3 sub shops in town I'll never patronize simply because THEY TAILGATED ME!

  1. Denis said...:

    That's so weird. Why. Kinda like why
    people go to Will Ferrell movies.

  1. Andi said...:

    He sounds more than a little "off!" I loved it when I lived in Europe because the majority of people actually do respect the law about not sitting in the left lane and use it only for passing - it was awesome! That and no one EVER passed on the right - always freaked me out when I came back to the US for a visit and when I first moved back I was constantly freaked out about that until I got used to it again!

    Didn't sound like you did anything wrong!

  1. Unbelievable... what gives?
    I agree that you should have blown him kisses.
    It's a good thing that I don't drive anymore, I'd go nuts.

  1. kilax said...:

    There is just too much aggression on the road... and too much misunderstanding! I know for every time I have been pissed off at someone, there is probably something I have done to someone else and not even realized it (or thought it was no big deal!).


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