Important Decision Making Happening NOW!

This is a decision I've put off making for awhile...maybe you could all help with some friendly bloggety-blog advice? I've been thinking about making this change and I'm just not sure how it will go. I think that if something isn't broken, why fix it, but what if something is broken but you've only ever known it as a broken something and so you don't know that you need to fix it? You follow?

So hear me out, offer some great advice, and then wait patiently for my update on my decision.

You see...It's my closet.

Sounds serious, doesn't it?

Typically, I hang my clothes as seems "natural" - arranged with all like-colors together. Like a rainbow. Like they should be. I usually have my closet door open (though I prefer it closed, Whiskers hates closed doors and I'm a wee bit lazy about closing it) and it's just aesthetically pleasing to see a rainbow, not a mess of mish-mash colors thrown together. And it helps with my morning time-to-get-dressed efficiency if I know exactly where to find the red v-neck and brown cardigan.

This is my closet today:
I am obviously not a clothes whore.
These are all work clothes (minus the flannel/sweatshirt section on the far right which exempt from the color scheme). T-shirts and big winter sweaters (ones I hate) are folded and tucked away.

SO - this system has worked fairly well for years now, but recently I realized - my system might be broken!! Maybe it always has been.

I find that most mornings, I'm pushing clothes aside that are not part of my bi-weekly mix of outfits because a) they are not really the right season and are for exceptional days or b) I just don't like wearing them for whatever reason (aka they aren't comfortable).

And this is where the system falls apart.

Why not rearrange everything on a scale of wearability? And have the clothes I usually wear in one entire section, and the clothes I don't really wear often on the other side of the closet. And then if it's a special occasion and I need to wear a shirt that fits the day but isn't one I normally want to wear-I just head for the non-everyday work section. But on most days, I'll be able to find something quite easily because I have an entire section which is part of the rotation of clothes! BINGO!!! Right???

This is a big step for me...I've had the same type of closet atmosphere for years and breaking up the color coding scheme will be a big step. I need your love and support and guidance to do it. Are you with me?

What do all of you do with your closet?


  1. Raven said...:

    Right now I don't have a closet cuz my walk-in closet is full of the stuff my eldest Drunken Midget left behind when she moved out. Having said that, when I do have a closet it usually looks like a laundromat exploded in it. I'm far too ADD to be organized.

    While I love the rainbow arrangemnt cuz it's pretty, I like your new idea a lot too. It just makes a lot more functional sense.

  1. Brian Miller said...:

    ok why not take out anything you have not worn in 2 weeks...donate it...of if it was out of season put it somewhere else...

  1. unmitigated me said...:

    I don't know about 2 weeks, but if it's not comfortable, get rid of it! Go thrifting and find some new stuff that feels great and will enter the rotation! I do have my most frequently worn stuff together, and the rarely worn (formal or out-of-season) hanging downstairs where it's ut of the way.

  1. Start hanging up the clean clothes you've just worn all the way to one side. The stuff that ends up on the opposite side is where you should started the weeding out process.

  1. My clothes are hung by type: on the top hanging rack: Jackets, Jeans/Sweats/T-Shirts/Casual Shirts (I call it my weekend shelf)

    On the bottom: Dresses, Skirts, Dress Pants, Dress Shirts, Sweaters (weekday shelf)

    I keep all my clothes in my closet all the time. I am not much of a clothes horse so there isn't a space problem even though I have a small closet!

    Good luck---I just did a major reorganization and still looking for stuff LOL

  1. Anonymous said...:

    If you didn't wear it last seaon, get rid of it.
    If it doesn'r fit you, get rid of it.
    For the clothes you keep , you're off to a great start! Section your closet off by:

    Don't worry about dressy or not dressy within a catagory. Then colorize each catagory within itself (like you've already done with the tops). You'll be so much happier because you can see everything and pick out outfits based on color combos. IMHO

  1. Joanna Jenkins said...:

    True confession-- I'm freakishly organized, so that said-- The only stuff in my closet are the things I actually wear. If they don't fit, I don't like them, or don't have anything to wear with them-- out they go to Goodwill. Then I have one area for summer clothes and one for winter clothes. Hope that helps.
    Cheers, jj

  1. Ooh, that could be a tough question. Since we don't have much in the way of season down here, everything in my closet is pretty much lumped together.

  1. kilax said...:

    I think your idea makes sense if you don't have too many things you don't wear. If you do, get rid of them!

    I have three sections - work, workout and casual and they are all organized by color ;)

  1. Get rid of stuff. I always feel like I have more clothes and less trouble figuring out what to wear if I go through and make a pile of stuff to get rid of.

  1. Denis said...:

    You probably need some sort of t-shirt/cloathes folding gadget to store more of your stuff :)

    I'm having the same sort issues so I look forward to your solution

  1. Brandy@YDK said...:

    I think you should organize by how you wear it

  1. Sandra said...:

    You're so funny! Here I was expecting something really grave to be mentioned, and we're talking about your closet!
    Well, I can't help because my closet is one big mishmash and I kind of like it that way. This way when I put my hand in there, I never know what I'm going to pull out.Sometimes I even find stuff I've never worn, and it's like Christmas!

  1. Debbie said...:

    I keep mine in rainbow order and I am very OCD about it. I do rotate by seasons though. Good luck.


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