Sundays In My City - A Blustery Day at the Park

I don't often get to hang out with young kids, which is sad, because I really do like them (in small amounts of time), but I especially want to be around them now that I feel more comfortable with my camera.

My friend brought her 5 year old to my volunteer event a couple weeks ago and we headed to the park after, even though we were in the midst of a wind storm. Her daughter was unfazed by the fact that I took about 100 photos of her. And her mom doesn't ever take pictures of her so it's not like she's just used to it. She probably just assumes I'm a really weird person...

Adi and her mom were playing detective and looking for clues. This leaf was definitely a clue...

Then her mom told her it had blood on it. Adi isn't quite ready for bloody clues I guess. She let this one go.

I love the combo of moss covered rocks and rain boots!

A cow in the suburbs! And what's interesting about this is there is a pig statute very similar to this in a different local park. Maybe there is a story behind these. I'll get back to you on that.

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Unknown Mami


  1. Anonymous said...:

    thank you for stopping by on my blog. Feel free to use the idea of using the toilet paper rolls. I cat them in half and put them into aluminum foil trails normally used for baking. It works great!!!
    btw, from your pictures it looks like you had such a great time today :-)


  1. Mira said...:

    hi! it seems like you girls had a lot of fun this Sunday!

  1. Mrs4444 said...:

    Wow! I guess it WAS windy! Something tells me dropping the bloody leaf was a good idea; Lord only knows what surprise that clue would lead to!

  1. Brian Miller said...:

    h what utterly fun pictures...we love playing detective...

  1. Joanna Jenkins said...:

    Adi is so beautiful :-) And her yellow boots are too fun.

    Happy SIMC, jj

  1. I love the photo where she is on the rocking horse (?) and her gorgeous hair is flying out behind her. Great shots!

  1. You got some really nice shots. I love the way the wind is blowing her hair. Professional photographers use wind machines for that look but Mother Nature was on your side!

  1. That looks like a good companion for the day--LOVE her boots!

  1. Unknown Mami said...:

    Are you ever ready for a bloody leaf?

    Great photos of a delightful subject.


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