Unique Valentines Day Gift - Calls from Cupid

If you are actually celebrating a traditional Valentine's Day, as opposed to Singles Awareness Day, you are probably wondering what to get your sweetheart to commemorate the depth of your affection.

I have a solution for you! And it's a unique option - not some stupid flowers or card which you can buy at a gas station anywhere. No, this is an original Valentine's Day gift that will show your beloved that you really put some thought into their gift. And putting effort into getting someone a gift is a clear sign of love, right? AND - even better - it's a big sign of love with a tiny little cost associated! It's really economical!!
Send one to yourself in honor of Nat'l Singles Awareness day!!! LOVE yourself!!

You might remember that my beloved teenager is part of this special chamber choir group at his high school.

Here's a funny story - at the last concert they had, they had a little intermission and talked about some fundraising they are doing for new choir robes. One of the choir girls informed us that the choir robes that they currently wear at the high school are 18 years old. And this means that they are actually older than most of the students in the choir. How sad (and disgusting) is that??

The kids are very busy doing all kinds of fund-raising to earn a million dollars, or whatever robes cost, so that they can get these replaced. A lot of the kids are seniors and they will never wear the new robes they are trying hard to get...but that hasn't slowed them down. These are good kids, and amazing singers. They need new robes!! Who wants to wear something that's older than them?? Nobody, but most certainly not a teenager.

SO - Your unique valentines gift this year is a song of love. A snippit of a love song, delivered via telephone on Valentines Day to your sweetie. How sweet, right?? Did I mention it's cheap?? $4!!! That's all. Or you can do 3 song segments for $10. That's nothing, but will mean a lot to your loved one and to a music-loving-old-robe-wearing-hard-working-fund-raising teenager

It's the simplest order form in the world and takes just a few minutes to complete - but you'll get huge bonus points for having something unique to give your lovey. A 30-second love song delivered right to their phone? Have you ever heard of that? And this was all planned and coordinated by the choir kids themselves - big props to them for coming up with it. AND it's for a great cause - make sure you let your sweetie know that you helped a high school choir replace their 18 year old choir robes all in the name of their love. Wonderful right?? HUGE bonus points for you!! And they are G-O-O-D, you can check out one of their holiday songs here.

In the special instructions, you can request the song be sung by a male or female.
I would suggest you request Andrew (my boy who can sing a rock song or an opera song and sounds AMAZING with anything he tries) or Logan (his female friend who sings like a fairy princess and when she opens her mouth, Bambi, Thumper, Ariel and the smurfs appear like magic).

Please consider helping the choir out - they truly are an amazing group of singers and they will get great recognition from the school for putting together a successful fundraiser all by themselves.

Go ahead....sign up for a song HERE. I promise it will bring you good karma all month long!

(and if you're a friend or relative of mine, you might be in for a special treat!)


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    hmmm...this is an interesting concept...

  1. That is pretty awesome! I hope they get lots of takers!

  1. Denis said...:

    So when does Andrew try out for American Idol?

  1. What an awesome idea! I hope it goes well!
    (John has already denounced gifts for V-Day considering we're thisclose to finishing our debt payoff._


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