The Latest Household Need

Some of you know that I have moved away from cable - and I am loving it.

I want to do two more steps:
  1. Get a new LCD tv stand and get a nice tv (I have enough points on my credit card to get a free one!)
  2. Get one of those thing-a-bob's to connect my tv to my computer so I can watch shows for free on my internet, but have it broadcast on my new beautiful tv.
Does anyone have a set up like this?

I've asked my friend G (aka Google) and he's offered all kinds of advice, but sometimes too much advice is overwhelming. G is famous for providing too much advice. G is the reason I have in the past thought I have a brain tumor, or that I was a bad parent, or believed that my financial situation is akin to a fisherman in a small thai village who found a hole in his boat. G is mean sometimes.

Anyway, right now we are watching our tv shows on my computer monitor, which is a mammoth size in itself, but the comfy couches are all in other rooms, where my pathetic tvs, on their pathetic tv stands mock me.


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    woot on geting a free tv...we upgraded to a flat screen about 6 months ago and love it...we hung ours and ran the cables through the wall...have not tried the internet cable set up...hmmm....

  1. Raven said...:

    Sweet! Free tv for you! I'd love a set up like that, but for me to get it they would have to grow on trees. I hate watching tv on my computer.

  1. We don't, but I know my husband is looking to do EXACTLY that. :-)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I need this to happen in my life too. Haha.

    If you find said knowledge?

    Please share!

  1. A screen projector? No? That's what we use...Bulky and ridiculous, but it works.

  1. Brandy@YDK said...:

    we have apple tv - we can watch programs through itunes and through stuff on our computer. but i'm not sure if we could watch internet stuff

  1. Lynette said...:

    know some that do it but heck if i know how

  1. John D. said...:

    There are multiple options. The least expensive route is to buy a cable that connects your laptop to your TV. The trick, though, is to buy the correct cable since inputs/outputs on TVs and laptops vary. Your new TV probably won't be the problem, but you'll have to check your output on your computer. Does it take S-video? HDMI? A parallel port? Once you know, then you can use that to connect your laptop to your TV. Your TV should have input slots in the back or on the side. Older TVs have coax and/or RCA (red, white, & yellow) connections. Newer TVs have HDMI, some have S-video, and most have retained coax and RCA but those will turn your digital signal into analog, defeating the purpose of hooking up a digital computer to a digital TV. An HDMI cable will run you about $30. You may already have one if you had digital cable. We have a S-video cable that splits into RCA inputs that we use when we travel. It essentially turns our old laptop into a DVD player and comes in very handy. You can also use it to watch netflix, hulu, surf the web on a big TV, etc. I know this is a big long confusing ramble, but I can totally help you out next time we get together. Good luck.


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