No Loyalty Points From Comcast...Stop Throwing Away Your Money!!

Yesterdays sob story was actually started out (in my head), as a story about cutting back on household costs....but I guess I had other things to get off my mind first. As soon as I hit "publish post", I remembered-COMCAST!! I didn't mention Comcast!!
This is a sign of age, right? Forgetfulness happens...

Anyway, I am looking for ways to save money and one of the things I cringe over every single month is our Comcast bill. I have been with Comcast for seven years now. I've had the same cable service the entire time - I get the expanded basic, just 1-71 and some random 3-digit channels that we never ever use. Of the ~80 channels we have, we probably really only watch 15 of them. That's 19% of the channels that I actually have access to. I don't have any extra movie channels, nothing special. I do have a DVR, as I never want to be a slave to the tv guide and I really can't tolerate commericals.

For the 15 channels we watch, my bill has progressively been growing, to the point where I'm currently paying a bit over $70. Our dvr has been pretty sad in the last 4 months or so...we only have a handful of shows we watch. So even with our measly 15 channels, we only watch about 12 shows, and two of those we would be fine giving up. The big thing though-in the times when we've actually missed a show - our DVR refuses to record House unless we manually tell it to each week - we just watch it online. And I recently realized that every show I watch is actually available online. Maybe not on the same night, or even the same week, but at some point, you can watch every show online. Andrew watches Community online every week. His laptop screen is huge - he just sets it in front of him. There's typically one short commercial break in the middle of the online shows.

I've recently been looking into some special device that lets you broadcast your computer screen directly to your tv-love it.

And so I called Comcast to tell them to shove it cancel my service. The first time, the man was really rude to me and was borderline mean about me wanting to cancel. As if his last name was Comcast and he had a serious stake in getting that $70 from me every month.

Yesterday when I called, I got someone a bit more human and he had the same persistent nature in trying to convince me to stay, but this man made it a more pleasant call with a good ole round of bargaining.

I need to keep my Internet service. The comcast website says you can get Internet for 29.99 for six months. Thank you - I'll take it! But no, apparently only NEW customers get that. My rate - as a loyal customer of Comcast, was going to be 69.99 for just Internet service. My thinking was-whatever, I'll cancel today and come in as a new customer next week, but that plan was foiled - you are only a "new" customer if you haven't been with them for six months.
But Mr. Pleasant said that he can give me a good rate of Internet and basic cable for $52.99.

Hey...remember when I said I don't want cable?
He went on at length about what a good deal this was and how it's a good deal for me, because I'll get to keep the basic 30 channels of cable (only 8 of which I would ever look at).
I repeated to him - I don't want any tv channels and I think I can get a "new customer" rate from somewhere else that will be more beneficial to my pocketbook.

Mr. Pleasant then tells me that he can give me a special deal of Internet and basic cable for $47.99.
Hey...remember when I said I don't want cable? Yeah, we had been on the phone for 18 minutes at this point and he still hadn't understood this.

Mr. Pleasant continues to talk about how they have the faster Internet speeds and if I switch, I'll have to pay their competitors set up fees and over time it won't be any better deal than what I have, and I'll have to have a break in service, etc.
I remind him again that it's worth it to me to save $10 a month and leave his company that does not value loyalty and obviously doesn't care if they keep their customers happy.

Mr. Pleasant takes a quiet moment of reflection, so quiet that I actually think he's hung up on me. And then he tells me that the lowest deal he can give me is this:
$44.99 for Internet and modem fees, and he'll bump me up to the next download speed or something that I really didn't care about or understand.
$10.93 for cable
And add a credit of $10 towards the cable for six months.
So my Internet is $44.99, which is reasonable and actually is $3.00 less than I have been paying. And my cable will be 93cents, and I can cancel it after six months (or repeat this conversation).

With two telephone calls, investing about 40 minutes of my life, I have saved myself $70 a month. I will miss my DVR, but I welcome that $70 back into my life.

Eff you Comcast, with your overpriced and unnecessary fees and no-loyalty-having-business model.

**On the other hand, I do appreciate that Comcast values giving back to the community and encourages voluteerism nation-wide with all their employees. I just wish they would value loyalty in their customer base!


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    good job saving would be surprised what they will go down to to keep you...i have a friend that scored a huge steal...trying to get him to negotiate mine...

  1. Nat said...:

    Oh, Comcast. I had so many freaking conversations with them. By the end, I switched my cable down to basic (2-12, basically) just because I sometimes like to watch the news or just have something on, but I really don't need it. When I move out, I'll probably just watch everything online, which I already do, and hopefully I'll get the "new customer" internet deal. Good job hanging in there!

  1. Lynette said...:

    there you go girl...good job.
    your right...I do not know why customer loyalty is not valued. the longer you stay with a company the more you pay...hummmm
    something wrong with that picture.

  1. If I had my druthers, we'd only have internet and phone and skip the TV.
    Why do they have to make it SO DARN DIFFICULT to switch YOUR service???

  1. Brandy@YDK said...:

    good for you. we pay too much for internet and cable. and I never even get to watch TV.

  1. Raven said...:

    I canceled Comcast like a year or so ago, and without cable we have no tv at all, but I don't really miss it that much.

    And don't even get me started on Comcast. They wanted to charge me over $60 a month for cable and then said they would only put it in one room cuz the other rooms don't have outlets and I can't use a splitter. Whatever.

  1. I had the same rant with Directv. They offer such low rates for bigger packages (ours was basic, bare bones) for less. When I called it was the same spill; only for new customers.

    Do you have a Wii? We ended up cancelling Directv and have Netflix streaming on our Wii for $7.99 a month. They have tons of movies and tv shows. For anything else, we can catch our shows on

  1. Portland Rose said...:

    I hate those Fuckers! I really think we should try to get a large group together to stage a mass quit until they change something. They have to be making a KILLING!!! They have the monopoly in a lot of areas.

  1. Denis said...:

    You could play the game of switching to the phone company Internet for 6 months and then
    switch back to Comcast for 6 months. When you
    call them ask for Retention department and
    tell them you're leaving. You get best deal with that trick
    (advice I got from Phil)

    Also if you stick with Comcast make sure you buy your Internet cable modem like Best Buy or Amazon. Otherwise they charge you $7 per month for their modem. (box connected to cable)

  1. lo said...:

    Comcast is the absolute worst company in the world. They literally stole money from me once by charging me for service after it was turned off and then saying Oops when I called. THEN they didn't pay it back until I called AGAIN! AWFUL. And how in the WORLD are they going to tell you you can't cancel your service? I have a short temper so I would have just started screaming CANCEL CANCEL CANCEL until they did it.

  1. Bryon said...:

    Your story is quite compelling, as I have had the same thing happen to me, minus the phone call. I just stopped paying my bill (not recommended). Unfortunately I’m a terrible procrastinator and I hate conflict. I went without Comcast and a DVR, and no local TV since I had trouble getting a converter because I waited too long. Honestly, I only suffered for about a year, the second year started and I got my DISH Network employee account with an HD DVR for two rooms, and only a $6 DVR fee. I must say it was very refreshing to get digital service in 2 rooms and not pay any receiver fees. There are other alternatives out there and DISH doesn’t have any receiver fees for the first two rooms.

  1. Good for you, girl. Glad you saved your money, but sorry you had to waste so much time and get so agrevated.
    Very nice of you to recognize the employees of Comcast for all the volunteerism that they do, that was really nice of you.
    I need my DirecTV and my DVR because of my disability. I watch a LOT of TV when I can't type on the computer or read anymore.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Comcast.............just the word sends shivers down my spine.....


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