Sundays In My City: Walk on the Wild Side

After a Saturday night games night where I ate about 17 pounds of homemade guacamole, and waking this morning to hear that there was going to be no rain for the first time in months, I decided I needed to hit the road and go for a nice, long walk. And because I'm lazy unmotivated, I knew that if I decided to just walk across town like I originally planned, I would just turn back what I needed was to be dropped off somewhere far from home and forced to walk home. Andrew was getting ready to leave for work so I joined him in his 12 minutes ride and ended up on my feet, far from home, as planned.

I just bought a new zoom lens for my camera, so I had to bring along my lovely canon, you never know when something fabulous will appear.

My walk was a little incline, a lot of decline, and a fair amount of flat walking. The total distance ended up being 3.699 miles, which was a great distance for a Sunday morning. If you ever walk for fun, you MUST check out Gmaps Pedometer. Very helpful! You can map every bit of your walk. Like when you have to cross over a freeway overpass and you walk towards it and then realize you are on the wrong side of the street from the sidewalk, so you have to backtrack and go back to the crosswalk.

The first thing I realized is that this was a really bad idea. There's about a mile long period on the path where there is no sidewalk and at one point, I was actually walking in a ditch because the traffic was just too much and I was creating a traffic hazard. When Andrew was learning to drive, we called this stretch of road: The Challenge Route. It's curvy, there's no shoulder, people go way too fast and at night, it's super dark. I should have remembered these issues....but I was just excited to get walkin'....until I was fearing for my life for a mile...but it made me walk faster, so I guess that's good.

Here's a pic from part of the road where there is a fair amount of shoulder, but shows how non-pedestrian-friendly this street is:
This mailbox is newer - there's an old broken one in the ditch behind it. If you're replacing your mailbox, why would you leave the old one?? No good.
I saw this monster moth fluttering at high speeds in the grass in front of me and took a sec to try out my new lens. I love how close I can get from so far!!

There's a small park off the main road where I found a field of these white flowers with three-petals. I don't think I've ever seen this kind before....they are probably something really rare. Maybe a new flower I just discovered...

This was the view once I left the scary no-sidewalk portion of the walk. Yay for sidewalks!
Note the house on the left and prepare for a rant.
That is the entrance to where the more affluent families live (including some of our professional basketball players), and they expanded the construction of houses right up to the road, where they built these monstrous houses that have no privacy and limited parking. They are HUGE houses built close together and right up on the edge of the street so there is no yard and they all seem to have an insane amount of windows...

According to Zillow, another favorite website, this particular house was listed for sale a few years ago for a million dollars. Seriously...a million dollars-for a house full of windows that is on a corner of a busy street and has about 20 feet from the neighboring house-which also has a ton of windows. So you have all this great potential for wonderful natural lighting, but if you open your blinds, your view is your neighbors living room/kitchen/bedrooms or a busy main road. Puke. Excessiveness without intelligence - a sad aspect of our society (and my newest favorite phrase).

Here's a closer view of the window dilemma:
Wouldn't this be great up on a hillside on a 4 acre plot of land that overlooks some natural wildlife? Perfect, right??

Anyway...walking on...

The high school was on my path and it has a long row of these beautiful pink trees that line the road:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this porch. I love the pillars, with the half bricks, and I ultra-love the striped look. I drive by this house at least once a week and wish I could move this porch to my house. LOVE it.

I love moss. I know some people don't, and maybe there is a reason for it...but I love the look of it. When my parents came to visit one time, my dad was in the backyard and said to me: you can buy some moss killer for that area, you just sprinkle it on and it will kill it overnight. And I replied: do I need to kill it?? I like it. And he just laughed at me, so I'm not sure what the answer is - but until I find a reason why it's bad, I just enjoy it growing around the backyard tree. I passed by this retaining wall covered with moss - love it. Don't love how the picture turned out, but love the moss.

So that was my Sunday in my City - thanks for following along!

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  1. Brian Miller said...:

    oo that shot of the rock wall is great! nice walk...looks like you are enjoying that new lens

  1. EmptyNester said...:

    What a nice walk! Thanks for taking us along with you!

  1. Keetha Broyles said...:

    I'm coming by from SIMC Linky party.

    Your little unknown white flower is a beautiful little wild flower called a trillium. I don't think they are REAL rare, but they are protected because once you pick the flower it kills the plant. So - - - here's hoping you didn't pick any.

    If you are interested in them, here's a link to a wiki article.

  1. Unknown Mami said...:

    I love love those pink trees.

    I am so excited. My birthday is next month and this morning my husband said, we should buy me a D SLR camera! I can hardly wait. All I've ever had is a point and shoot. I can not wait and it will make me love SIMC even more.

    Thank you so much for the pedometer link. I love to walk and will totally be using it.

  1. Oh, I love moss, too. I take photos of it all the time. I started a moss garden at one of my former homes. I would find different moss varieties and bring them home and plant them. I loved it.

  1. Busy Bee Suz said...:

    I also want that front porch for my house too!!!!
    What a great (or crazy) idea of getting dropped off and walking back home!

  1. I love moss and good photos and long walks. Excessiveness without intelligence? I can do without. We have a muckity-muck subdivision here where the houses LOOM over the acre lots, dwarfing any feeble attempts at decent landscaping--it's so out of proportion it's a joke.

  1. Raven said...:

    Wow! That is one long walk! You are braver than I.

    All the pics are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. :D

  1. Denis said...:

    Too bad you don't jog. I'm thinking of having small group with 2 cars. The 2 cars meet
    at one location and then people car pool to second location further away. They jog back to first
    car. This brings lots of flexibility to
    where you can exercise.

  1. Denis said...:

    Speaking as somebody living too close to a busy road. Yes I hate that part.

  1. Brandy@YDK said...:

    wow what a great walk. i like your new phrase - excessiveness without intelligence.

    and your photoh skills are improving.

  1. Barbara said...:

    What a fun walk! (albeit dangerous in parts!) I totally understand your rant about the house - I've noticed houses like that, too - why on earth would someone pay that much to be right on top of someone else?? Thanks for taking us along with you!


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