Busy Week Here at Home - Carpe Diem In Effect!

Wow, what a week!
I have been so busy, I love it. Carpe diem and all that..

Earlier this week, this little guy was spotted at the elementary school 5 blocks from my house:

He was tranquilized and released at the coast. (I did not take this photo-but I could have!!)

Andrew made dinner the other night (including his special homemade teriyaki marinade) for us and his friend Jeff.  He's really great in the kitchen. That's a point for me as a mom! This is what he came up with:
Chicken wings, corn on the cob, yam fries and an overpriced steak kabob I bought at the store (he grilled it).

I was devastated to find this in my backyard:
I think a crow got into my pet robin's nest. Sad.
It is the final choir concert at the high school. So sad. I wish Andrew would have found his singing passion earlier in life so that I could have enjoyed more of these, but I'm thankful for every time I hear him sing on stage. I don't know why, but our spring choir concert is two days in a row. I went last night to work at the concession stand and watched part of the show, but tonight's concert is a special tribute to seniors so I'll be taking my real camera and enjoying the full show.. Here's a pic I took with my cell phone where I caught Andrew doing one of those dramatic look-down-before-I-start-a-solo poses:

Love it!! He is so great on stage!
I walked to the school (it's 4,050 steps from our house) and it was fine going there, but it was dark on the way home. And I had just listened to the choir sing Thriller, so the entire walk home (4,050 steps), I was in my own Michael Jackson video and was ready for zombies who might attack.

I have a really busy weekend coming up!!! A barbecue tonight before choir, the last concert, a walk with the Biggest Loser guys in the am, Andrew's a Capella group sings in the afternoon, an evening parade with friends on Saturday, a volunteer event on Sunday-Carpe Diem, indeed!!!


  1. Julie said...:

    Now that is an awesome week. Sorry about the robin though. You were sure brave to walk home in the dark. I'm a fraidy cat when it comes to that. I miss the school concerts.
    Have a great weekend and enjoy your volunteering. Take care and God Bless!!

  1. Brandy@YDK said...:

    wow 4,050 steps waiting for a zombie. i woulda ran.

    and andrew is awesome.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Is it me or do you have sun up the I-5 and we don't down here. Bears wouldn't be wondering there if they would quit building so far into there habitate. And since they removed tons of blackberries since they are considered invasive species here. I remember a few years ago its Cougers here because of them building up in the wooded hills.



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