Random Pics From My Wretched World

My hand is still killing me, but I know you all miss me like mad...so here are some pictures of some wonderfulness in my world of miserableness:

Andrew and I passed by this when I was checking in to the hospital for hand surgery...and then when I got home-this lovely 4.5 ft giraffe was waiting for me!!! I love him so much!! (both Andrew and the giraffe!) VERY thoughtful of young Andrew!

I didn't get a pic when these came last week and are not as fresh in this photo, but you get the point...These came on a day when I was really down - sometimes the timing of kindness works out just right!!!

These lovelies were delivered this morning and is the most unique flower arrangement I've ever seen! LOVE.

seriously, look at these vases!!

killer fruit & veggie basket brought to my house tonight!!

ugh, so cute! I wish he was real!!
random shot from my garden.



  1. EmptyNester said...:

    What lovely flowers! I agree with you on the timing issue...it's great when the timing is just right.

    That giraffe is adorable! What a sweet thing for Andrew to do for you!

    Hope you're hand heals quickly!

  1. That giraffe is hilarious.

    Hope you get to feeling better asap.

  1. Your world definitely doesn't look wretched to me. Feel better!

  1. Awesome giraffe!
    Ouch on the hand. Luckily when I did mine like that I didn't damage it wnough to require surgery.

    Hope you heal quickly!

  1. kilax said...:

    Aww, I love the pics! I hope my late late post means you are feeling somewhat better by now :)

  1. Denis said...:

    2 weeks have passed with no new blog entry. What's the world coming to :(


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