Goodbye to A Good Time

The young mens a cappela group that Andrew has been singing in since January just had their last performance (unless they are selected to sing the anthem for the NBA game later this year). They are a high school group and half of them have graduated and it's time to move on...sad.
A bittersweet day for sure - the kids sang great, Andrew sang his best for sure. It was a paid gig at a church 25 miles away, where they received a LOT of great feedback from the (mostly elderly) concert-goers. The crowd loved them. They made a fair amount of money in donations even!

Andrew singing with his amazingly beautiful voice.

Will the smartest and most handsome boy please raise his hand?

 After the final performance, we all got together and had a potluck and the boys sang for family and friends one last time. I'll miss this group. Even the one who messed up the lyrics to one of my favorite Billy Joel songs. I will even miss him.

The background boys snap their fingers to the tempo - on this last song, they snapped at mach speeds, but the soloist kept up and it made for a really entertaining version of Runaround Sue.
Love the singing faces they all make.

hahahaha...singing faces!!! Seriously - FUNNY stuff.
A goodbye group hug. It's been quite a year with this group!


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    nice he has a wonderful voice...sad to see it end...

  1. How cool that he got to participate in that group! And I do hope this doesn't mark the end of his singing ambitions...

  1. Brandy@YDK said...:

    such a handsome boy. maybe he will be in something similar in college.

  1. Denis said...:

    X-Factor auditions in Portland?

  1. carma said...:

    ahh...such talent. Love the singing faces too :D

  1. Unknown Mami said...:

    Aww, change is so bittersweet.

  1. Like your tag says...he can sing like nobody's business. What a nice voice. He should find a way to keep singing.

  1. So fine. I've posted the most embarrassing story of my life. And I promise not a single person on here can top it!


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