New Car, Jamba Monday, Oregon State Fair, Cancer Free- Updates All Over My World

I have had much to say. Lots of random things, none of which I can remember at present. Some of them were really good and I was excited to share...They've switched up my meds (heart, not mental) this week, let's hope my memory stops failing so much, eh?

Since we last spoke, I have gotten a new loan car!! It's a fully loaded 2008 Honda CRV, straight off the showroom floor, via one previous owner and three years of light use. I can't express how much I love it. It's the best car I've ever had and I can't wait to drive it more. We're taking a quick trip to Canada next month-can't wait to sit in my new car for 7 hours!!

My Monday started out with me spilling 2 oz of a Jamba light jamba juice, berry fulfilling, hold the blueberries (they make my tongue itchy), into my laptop bag. All over the bills to be mailed, my important notebook I use for project management, and some random things that hang out in the bottom of my bag. I then set the jamba down on the ground to see the damage as I waited for the elevator. The elevator buzzed, I grabbed the bag and the jamba with my one good hand and lunged for the door as it was about to close...and the jamba cup flew out of my hand, splashed down my front, back into the bag, and then the rest of my breakfast, about 12 oz of bright pink smoothie juice, flew all over into the elevator...and then the doors closed, leaving me covered in juice and my jamba breakfast taking a trip up to another floor. Awesome. Happy Monday, Ya'll.

Last weekend I went to the Oregon State Fair with a special someone. I didn't get to bloggin about it, but the fair is as it has always been, and exactly how you would expect: expensive, smelly, and a bit dirty. We had a blast.
She was so certain she was tall enough for this ride.

Scared...we made her go on this ride..hahahaha. Kids are funny.


TIRED girl at the end of our afternoon!

One of my avid readers, an auntie we lovingly called Corky back in the day, had a little bout with skin cancer recently. They say they got it all and she is free and clear. Let's all send well-wishes to Corky, shall we? Feel better Corky!!!


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    nice fun stuff on the fair and some great pics...nice on the car too...but ugh that spill, that hurts...

  1. Yay for your car! But yes, nothing stays nice for me either. I own almost NO white clothes for that reason.
    A day at the fair with a lovely girl--that's a great thing.

  1. The pictures would be perfect for getting over a sucky Monday. :-)
    And yay for beating skin cancer!

  1. Enjoy your new car, sorry about your lousy Monday.
    Looks like you had a wonderful time at the Fair.
    Glad to hear about your friend, Corky. Enjoy the rest of the summer.

  1. Denis said...:

    I thought you already had a nice van or SUV. What's with a new Honda CRV? Who's your mystery special someone?

  1. Kerstin Shed said...:

    It looks like your little girl had a blast at the Oregon State Fair. She reminds me so much of a niece who also has very expressive eyes. Have a safe trip to Canada next month. Have fun!


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