Sundays in my City - A Visit to the Corn Maze

The big project is complete at work, so hopefully my 50-60 hr work weeks have come to an end and I can get back to the normal 44 hr work week. Blech. Why can't I be independently wealthy and only work part-time, just for fun?

Anyway, such a nice, relaxing weekend!!

Grabbed my favorite little blonde-bobble-headed young friend (and her mama) and headed off to one of the local corn mazes. I think we have three or four in the area!

(as always, you should be able to click on the photo to enlarge and be amazed by my mad-beginner-level photography skills)
This might be one of my most favorite photos I've ever taken. I just love the colors, the textures, the lines, the muddiness on the girliness, everything:
Unposed-this turned out better than the 25 posed photos she suffered through.

I also love love LOVE this photo.

Random flower in the field.

Trying to guide us through the corn maze.

Since losing a tooth earlier this month, Adrienne won't bite with her front teeth anymore! Hilarious.

Crazy mama cleaning her face.

For more views of Sundays in other Cities, click here:

Unknown Mami

Breast Cancer Awareness - General Mills Prize Pack Giveaway

We've discussed on this blog before how much cancer sucks. SUCKS big time. Every version of it sucks.The breast version is the focus of October and I'm wrapping up breast cancer awareness month with a quick-very quick-giveaway in respect of those who have or have had breast cancer.

This is a great prize pack supplied by General Mills - coupons for 3 free boxes of cereal, a coupon for a free yogurt, some pink bedazzled headphones, a nice water bottle, a gym bag, and a killer cookbook.

Find hope. Be inspired. Know you are not alone. Join the 2011 Pink TogetherTM campaign - now in its fifth year of celebrating hope - by visiting to connect with a unique online community of people who have been touched by breast cancer and share a passion for the cause. Individually we are strong, but together we are stronger.
You can visit and enjoy on Facebook. You can join the community by sharing stories or  posting comments. General Mills is donating $2 million to the Komen organization - TWO MILLION DOLLARS. We all heart you GM.
This year, for the first time in its five-year history, at consumers can choose how $1 million of this donation will be shared between two important Komen programs: the Treatment and Assistance Program, which assists women in securing care they otherwise may not be able to afford, and Prevention Research, which helps unlock the keys to preventing breast cancer. Visit from September 19, 2011 through April 14, 2012 to make your choice. Results will be announced on Mother’s Day 2012 – Sunday, May 13.
When will the madness end?? Why are so many women AND men suffering from cancer? I'm so over it.

To win this awesome prize pack:
Leave a comment about how much you hate cancer.

Contest ends Friday, November 4th @ 5:30pm

Disclosure: The Pink Together prize pack, information and coupons have been provided free of charge by General Mills through MyBlogSpark.

How To Fight Off Wild Animals - All the Self Defense Info You Will Ever Need in the Wild

Let's say that you're in your work parking lot and you come across a vicious wolf coyote.

This actually happens at my work, the whole building is aware, someone (with too much time on their hands) even created a Twitter account for him. We've been reminded not to feed him (as if). Here's an actual photo of our work coyote:

Let me preface this story by saying that I am TIRED. My brain is slightly mushy lately and I'm not certain that I have been consistently speaking in complete, coherent sentences. Working too much this month? Yep, I definitely have. Anyway...

So as I was leaving work today, I was thinking, what would I do if the vicious 3CP (our building name) coyote came out and snarled at me. And I very smartly thought-I would swing my laptop bag around and bop him on the nose, of course. And then I was thinking, but that might make him mad and he might really attack me. So what I needed to do is swing the bag...and KEEP swinging. And then I was thinking about what would I do if I didn't have my laptop bag? I would use my foot, right? And just give him a swift bop on the nose. But then there's that "KEEP swinging" factor.
And then it hit me....
If you're attacked by a wild animal.....strike this pose:
And then TWIRL. Twirl like your life depends on it. It just might...

Why do you never hear of this on the news??? Why don't self defense classes teach this?? Did I really just discover the secret to good self-defense???

You heard it hear first folks.

Your Ad Here

Who is looking for some advertising?
Well do I have an opportunity for you!!!

You see, I bought this beautiful car last month and my first car payment is due this week.

So, here's your chance to advertise. I'm not really willing to put anything on the side of my beautiful new car or anything, but I will tell whoever is around me when I exit my vehicle your message. I can't drive specific places of course, gas is expensive yo, but I do go to Fred Meyers at least once a week, and the bingo hall once a month. So I'll reach those people. I work from home two days a week and try not to drive at all on Thursdays, but sometimes on Wednesday, I go out to lunch with a friend.
I'm certain I can outreach to at least 20-25 people a week.

Sounds promising, right?
I know many of you will want to jump at this chance, and might be concerned that you will miss out on a golden opportunity here, but don't worry - I can take more than one sponsor, and I can talk REALLY fast so I'm sure I can get out at least 3-4 messages to strangers each time.

Don't miss out - send me an email and let's get your message out to the world and work on knocking out my car loan. A win-win for all involved.

Educational Trip to Canada, Eh

We went to Canada last weekend, eh.
It was very educational...we learned a lot. I'll recap so you can all learn as well:

You can effortlessly make a well-shaken martini by going on the ferry from Port Angeles, WA, to Victoria, Canada. That boat r-r-r-rocks.

We ate at this amazing restaurant that I think was owned by a Canadian mobster. We were on our best behaviour in that place, and if he had asked our names, I would have told him a fake one.

Having $4 in change handed back to you sucks. Who wants a jingly pocket of change? Not I. As such, all Canadian money was forever referred to as "fake." Nothing about it seemed real.

Chinatown in Canada is the same as Chinatown anywhere. Don't get excited about it.
The Parliament building is lit up at night with large, white xmas lights. I have no idea why, but we were not impressed. I hope this is not a year-round thing, but I don't know why they would have the lights on in October. It was tacky. Sorry Canada. Your parliament is tacky at night.


When you drive and you see speed limit signs that say 90, you will have to continuously remind yourself not to shoot for 90 mph.

If you don't really care for tandoori chicken in America, you also won't care for it in Canada. Don't try to be adventurous in this situation. Just know that you do-not-like-it.

The Butterfly Gardens are very cool -but be prepared to be HOT. It's like a sauna in there. And be prepared for death. There are dead butterflies everywhere-look along the top of the glass walls (or don't if you want to avoid evidence of life ending).
 There are birds at the butterfly gardens too - vicious ones, as evidenced by this rogue bird:

In Vancouver, take a quick trip on the Rainbow Pride Ferry to Granville Island. A great way to start your day!!  I was hoping the driver was wearing a purple feather boa, but alas, he was a smelly sea man and didn't appear gay at all.

Canadian law requires you take long full steps when crossing the street. It's tiring after awhile.

If you're eating down at the dock for some authentic fish and chips-they will only give you one piece of fish, as opposed to America, where you get three. However, your disappointment will soon be squashed when you realize that you can walk 10 feet and feed a real live wild sea lion. $5 fake dollars for 6 small smelly fish.

Butchart Gardens in October has large expanses of areas where you can see there used to be flowers, but they just aren't in season any longer. Still amazing and beautiful- but if you are going to go, don't go in October expecting to see a TON of unique and wonderful flowers. Or any roses. The grounds are still gorgeous though. Way peaceful.

They have black squirrels!!! I had no idea these even exist. I thought it was rare at first, but then we saw like 6 of them within a minute of the first rare and exciting siting. We investigated, and they do act just like normal squirrels.
If you don't tip at a particular Korean restaurant in Vancouver, where the service was horrible and the food was just "okay"-and they never asked you how the food was anyway-the waitress will call you on not leaving a tip and you will feel guilt. Just empty your pocket of fake change and show your confusion at being asked for a tip and leave quickly.

The aquarium in Stanley Park is great.

As you leave Canada, as soon as you tell the customs officer that you bought seeds at Butchart Gardens, you will immediately be asked to pull over to have your cavity car searched. However, if you do this, and then you pull out your seeds that are in a sealed bag from the gardens, you will be released without the car search.

There you have it - your Canadian education for the day. You're welcome.

Sundays In My City - Little People, Big World Edition

Some of you may know this show: Little People, Big World - and you might know they have a real live farm and it's crazy-insane popular this month.It's a big of a crazy scene...they were actually filming (inside the house) for a tv special, but outside is a bit of a circus. It's like no pumpkin patch you've ever been to.
Only normal part about this patch.
My company for the morning.
Climb the hay, fall down the hay. Repeat.
And that is where the normal stuff ends....

For $6, you can go on a tour of part of their property. They have 3 large barns-one is an office for the dad and a large space for the camera crew. One is a garage for working on cars. And the third is a barn that stores reclaimed wood. Apparently Matt - who is the biggest entrepreneur ever - travels around and collects the wood from old barns and repurposes the wood. I'm not sure what all he does with it - but what we saw was that he made a little old western town on the property-which is the big highlight of the tour. They claim he designed and built it. The grandparents were there as tour guides of western town. They were sweet, just normal people.

Not normal (but loved by everyone on the tour) was creepy doll house, which Matt built for his daughter long ago, but that has been taken over by the sons and repurposed into.... a creepy dollhouse.
Creepy Doll house
Matt bought the boys this pirate ship for their birthday one year. Every child should get one of these in their back yard-very cool. 

The farm had some kind of cat rescue place visiting - a bit out of place, but cool to see the cats up close. This one wanted to eat my 5-yr old friend, though the volunteer there claimed she just wanted to "play" with her:
Let's play....climb into my mouth little girl....
Amy is the mom on the show and she was out and about, checking out the cats while we were there. And then she started heading back to the house and was stopped a million times to have her picture taken. People were really excited to meet her. 

The tour went right by the house, and they had all their cars pulled out in front. It seemed a pretend episode of Cribs.

The backyard was KILLER.
Chickens roaming about!
Not killer - all the advertising on the fence surrounding the property. The $6 train chugs along at this snail-like pace by this fence. Smart for them to make money I guess...but irritating for the rest of us to see. Even Walmart had a sign there!!

The rain actually held out long enough for us to have a good time and on the way home we were super excited to see this little lady on the side of the road, so we pulled over to say hello.

She didn't say much...she was busy hunting mice.
Mouse in the mouth!
And then busy eating mice.

That was my Sunday - want to see what others were up to?

Unknown Mami

Be Gone With Ye, Apocalypse!

If there is an apocalypse tomorrow, are you ready?

I am def not. I just cleaned my pantry and I didn't actually do any math or calculate the days, but I would guess I only have food for 2.5 weeks, if we eat only twice a day. That's if we have power for at least 20 min at a time, which we won't, everyone knows that the first thing to go in an apocalypse is power. And the gas grill is out of propane already so we can't even use that.

If I buy a bunch of food to store in the garage, and we don't have an apocalypse before the food goes bad, I'll have wasted all that food. And do I want to invest money into it on the chance that the apocalypse will happen before the food goes bad? Gambling isn't healthy, right? If I'm going to gamble, it's going to be in a smokey room where I'm offered free sugary-soda and where I have a very tiny possibility of walking out in a few hours with extra money. It just makes more sense to gamble that way, right?

And what if we have an apocalypse, but I die when there are major explosions and one of my neighbors stupid trees falls across my bedroom (where it's perfectly aligned to do so right now)? Then what good is the food in my garage then? Useless. Why should I be bothered to stock up on food for my neighbors to come steal after their tree kills me?

My coworker suggested it would be more economical and easier to just get a weapon-and store that until the apocalypse. And then I can just be one of the "it's you or me" survivalists who have to go forcefully take the stockpile from the neighbors. But I feel like I wouldn't be able to kill my neighbor for a can of tuna.

I feel like I should start brushing up on my nursing skills now. Cause when the apocalypse happens, ain't nobody gonna come to me to do any analyzing of their data. I have a very non-post-apocalypse career. I need to start figuring out what I can do that will have any value to people when money and computers aren't as important. I can crochet, not clothes or anything, just large rectangles- and people will need blankets. But it will take me about 3-4 months to make one, so I guess I should start now so I can start stockpiling my homemade blankets in the garage. Hmm...but then what if the tree falls directly on my blanket storage area....I'll just wait and see if the earth starts rumbling. Rollin the dice....gambling my life away.

gratuitous llama photo

Random Matters That Must be Shared

I brought up that Australia was settled by the British, who brought their criminals over and used that island as a place to stash prisoners. My friend says-that's how America was settled! And a heated discussion ensues. You be the judge: did our founding fathers bring over ships of prisoners from England to settle here?

Contrary to popular belief, I wouldn't sell my first-born to win a game. 
Granted, 89.5% of the time I am playing a game to win-and I prefer it when others are playing a game to try to win.... But I don't ever feel sad more than 2 minutes after losing a game. I don't care that much. I get the feeling people at my games nights think that I'm despondent upon losing a game. And for the record - Andrew and I have played approximately 30 games of Sequence in the last week and I've only won about 4 of them. I'm not despondent (because obviously the game is broken).

A friend of mine had a small procedure done on her hand. She told me all about how hard it is to get dressed. And sleep. And shower. And do ANYTHING with only one hand. And I was like, oh, really? It is?

Me...for a month...miserable, at work-TYPING all day, in 3 diff styles of hand braces.
She later totally and completely validated my feelings that nobody was "getting it" about why I was so exhausted for a month, why I was probably more grumpy than normal at work, why I whined more than I ever do... because only using one hand (not to mention having recently had a heart procedure and going on a handful of meds and coming to grips with my mortality) is tiring..I love validation.

My doctor helped me make this little blue note happen, which is greatly improving my stress level, and as such- my health and general disposition.
WFH=work from home
And then he gave notice that he was leaving practice. I'm devastated. He's been our family doc for six years and I will never find a doctor I like as much as him.

I hate that cardiac rehab is called "rehab" and that when I talk about going to rehab, I feel like people who might overhear me will think I'm going to drunkard-style-rehab, not my-genetics-are-trying-to-take-me-down type rehab.

I actually had time to blog the last 3 nights and just totally forgot about it. FORGOT my blog???!!! I think the meds are affecting my mind. Boo.

Much love to all of you. I know you miss me. I miss me too.


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