Educational Trip to Canada, Eh

We went to Canada last weekend, eh.
It was very educational...we learned a lot. I'll recap so you can all learn as well:

You can effortlessly make a well-shaken martini by going on the ferry from Port Angeles, WA, to Victoria, Canada. That boat r-r-r-rocks.

We ate at this amazing restaurant that I think was owned by a Canadian mobster. We were on our best behaviour in that place, and if he had asked our names, I would have told him a fake one.

Having $4 in change handed back to you sucks. Who wants a jingly pocket of change? Not I. As such, all Canadian money was forever referred to as "fake." Nothing about it seemed real.

Chinatown in Canada is the same as Chinatown anywhere. Don't get excited about it.
The Parliament building is lit up at night with large, white xmas lights. I have no idea why, but we were not impressed. I hope this is not a year-round thing, but I don't know why they would have the lights on in October. It was tacky. Sorry Canada. Your parliament is tacky at night.


When you drive and you see speed limit signs that say 90, you will have to continuously remind yourself not to shoot for 90 mph.

If you don't really care for tandoori chicken in America, you also won't care for it in Canada. Don't try to be adventurous in this situation. Just know that you do-not-like-it.

The Butterfly Gardens are very cool -but be prepared to be HOT. It's like a sauna in there. And be prepared for death. There are dead butterflies everywhere-look along the top of the glass walls (or don't if you want to avoid evidence of life ending).
 There are birds at the butterfly gardens too - vicious ones, as evidenced by this rogue bird:

In Vancouver, take a quick trip on the Rainbow Pride Ferry to Granville Island. A great way to start your day!!  I was hoping the driver was wearing a purple feather boa, but alas, he was a smelly sea man and didn't appear gay at all.

Canadian law requires you take long full steps when crossing the street. It's tiring after awhile.

If you're eating down at the dock for some authentic fish and chips-they will only give you one piece of fish, as opposed to America, where you get three. However, your disappointment will soon be squashed when you realize that you can walk 10 feet and feed a real live wild sea lion. $5 fake dollars for 6 small smelly fish.

Butchart Gardens in October has large expanses of areas where you can see there used to be flowers, but they just aren't in season any longer. Still amazing and beautiful- but if you are going to go, don't go in October expecting to see a TON of unique and wonderful flowers. Or any roses. The grounds are still gorgeous though. Way peaceful.

They have black squirrels!!! I had no idea these even exist. I thought it was rare at first, but then we saw like 6 of them within a minute of the first rare and exciting siting. We investigated, and they do act just like normal squirrels.
If you don't tip at a particular Korean restaurant in Vancouver, where the service was horrible and the food was just "okay"-and they never asked you how the food was anyway-the waitress will call you on not leaving a tip and you will feel guilt. Just empty your pocket of fake change and show your confusion at being asked for a tip and leave quickly.

The aquarium in Stanley Park is great.

As you leave Canada, as soon as you tell the customs officer that you bought seeds at Butchart Gardens, you will immediately be asked to pull over to have your cavity car searched. However, if you do this, and then you pull out your seeds that are in a sealed bag from the gardens, you will be released without the car search.

There you have it - your Canadian education for the day. You're welcome.


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    ooo cool jelly fish picture...what a crazy bird attacking shoes...some fun points along the how much jangly change did you end up bringing home...smiles.

  1. Eastern Canada - much better!
    Looks like you had fun though eh?

  1. Brandy@YDK said...:

    looks wonderful. i bet you enjoyed it so much.

  1. A black squirrel!
    I really dig your son's meditative pose in the garden;)

  1. Unknown Mami said...:

    That picture of Andrew all by his lonesome is AWESOME!

  1. Denis said...:

    Sounds like it was best time ever in such a great country. I like your bird picture,good timing


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