Random Matters That Must be Shared

I brought up that Australia was settled by the British, who brought their criminals over and used that island as a place to stash prisoners. My friend says-that's how America was settled! And a heated discussion ensues. You be the judge: did our founding fathers bring over ships of prisoners from England to settle here?

Contrary to popular belief, I wouldn't sell my first-born to win a game. 
Granted, 89.5% of the time I am playing a game to win-and I prefer it when others are playing a game to try to win.... But I don't ever feel sad more than 2 minutes after losing a game. I don't care that much. I get the feeling people at my games nights think that I'm despondent upon losing a game. And for the record - Andrew and I have played approximately 30 games of Sequence in the last week and I've only won about 4 of them. I'm not despondent (because obviously the game is broken).

A friend of mine had a small procedure done on her hand. She told me all about how hard it is to get dressed. And sleep. And shower. And do ANYTHING with only one hand. And I was like, oh, really? It is?

Me...for a month...miserable, at work-TYPING all day, in 3 diff styles of hand braces.
She later totally and completely validated my feelings that nobody was "getting it" about why I was so exhausted for a month, why I was probably more grumpy than normal at work, why I whined more than I ever do... because only using one hand (not to mention having recently had a heart procedure and going on a handful of meds and coming to grips with my mortality) is tiring..I love validation.

My doctor helped me make this little blue note happen, which is greatly improving my stress level, and as such- my health and general disposition.
WFH=work from home
And then he gave notice that he was leaving practice. I'm devastated. He's been our family doc for six years and I will never find a doctor I like as much as him.

I hate that cardiac rehab is called "rehab" and that when I talk about going to rehab, I feel like people who might overhear me will think I'm going to drunkard-style-rehab, not my-genetics-are-trying-to-take-me-down type rehab.

I actually had time to blog the last 3 nights and just totally forgot about it. FORGOT my blog???!!! I think the meds are affecting my mind. Boo.

Much love to all of you. I know you miss me. I miss me too.


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    smiles. so go find yourself, then share. nice randomonium. have not played sequence in a while...yeah i like to win...yikes on the hand...glad that is behind you...so this rehab thing....

  1. lo said...:

    It sounds like things are slowly getting better for you and I'm so glad!!

    I would totally have fun with that rehab thing though...

  1. I have also heard that about Australia. I want to say I say that on a television show? I disagree about American though. I always thought it was where the English came to get out from under the King?

  1. I think that on this one, your rehab should be "rehabilitation". Puts less of a stigma on it. :-)

  1. I think someone's rigging Sequence, and it's not you.
    Glad you can work from home while you're rehabbing. (You're right about that word having some baggage.)

  1. Slyde said...:

    oh my goodness... wearing that cast for a month would damn well make ME grouchy!

  1. EmptyNester said...:

    I always heard that Australia began as a sort of debtors prison type thing? But America was due to religious freedoms and greed.

    I know what you mean about rehab. Nobody thinks to ask, what type of rehab? They just always assume it's drug/alcohol related. But I do hope it's working beautifully for you!

  1. Denis said...:

    I can see you forgetting a game 2 minutes after it's finished. What
    happens during the game may be different


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