Sundays In My City - Little People, Big World Edition

Some of you may know this show: Little People, Big World - and you might know they have a real live farm and it's crazy-insane popular this month.It's a big of a crazy scene...they were actually filming (inside the house) for a tv special, but outside is a bit of a circus. It's like no pumpkin patch you've ever been to.
Only normal part about this patch.
My company for the morning.
Climb the hay, fall down the hay. Repeat.
And that is where the normal stuff ends....

For $6, you can go on a tour of part of their property. They have 3 large barns-one is an office for the dad and a large space for the camera crew. One is a garage for working on cars. And the third is a barn that stores reclaimed wood. Apparently Matt - who is the biggest entrepreneur ever - travels around and collects the wood from old barns and repurposes the wood. I'm not sure what all he does with it - but what we saw was that he made a little old western town on the property-which is the big highlight of the tour. They claim he designed and built it. The grandparents were there as tour guides of western town. They were sweet, just normal people.

Not normal (but loved by everyone on the tour) was creepy doll house, which Matt built for his daughter long ago, but that has been taken over by the sons and repurposed into.... a creepy dollhouse.
Creepy Doll house
Matt bought the boys this pirate ship for their birthday one year. Every child should get one of these in their back yard-very cool. 

The farm had some kind of cat rescue place visiting - a bit out of place, but cool to see the cats up close. This one wanted to eat my 5-yr old friend, though the volunteer there claimed she just wanted to "play" with her:
Let's play....climb into my mouth little girl....
Amy is the mom on the show and she was out and about, checking out the cats while we were there. And then she started heading back to the house and was stopped a million times to have her picture taken. People were really excited to meet her. 

The tour went right by the house, and they had all their cars pulled out in front. It seemed a pretend episode of Cribs.

The backyard was KILLER.
Chickens roaming about!
Not killer - all the advertising on the fence surrounding the property. The $6 train chugs along at this snail-like pace by this fence. Smart for them to make money I guess...but irritating for the rest of us to see. Even Walmart had a sign there!!

The rain actually held out long enough for us to have a good time and on the way home we were super excited to see this little lady on the side of the road, so we pulled over to say hello.

She didn't say much...she was busy hunting mice.
Mouse in the mouth!
And then busy eating mice.

That was my Sunday - want to see what others were up to?

Unknown Mami


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    thats a pretty crazy dumbo pumpkin...we are hitting the pumpkin patch here this on the cats too...we def dont have that...

  1. Lazidaisical said...:

    Wow, quite a trip! I had no idea those people have all this going on on their property! Super interesting post. My fave part is that WalMart has an ad there cuz that's ridiculous. Great adventure! Thanks for sharing!

  1. emmysuh said...:

    Ha, I had no idea they did a tour and had such a big property. Pretty cool you got to meet and see all that!

  1. TQ said...:

    Ok, CRAZY doll house - and totally spot on with the Cribs comment ;-) ha ha ha!!

  1. For some reason, I thought they had sold the farm.
    I don't know why, but my comment strikes me as funny.

  1. Wow. I had no idea they had a huge compound. But I've never watched the show.

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  1. I have to say that doll house creeps me out. I think I'd be running out of there for sure.
    Otherwise it looked like a great time.

  1. Unknown Mami said...:

    Take my whole family with you next time.

  1. My daughter and I used to watch the show. I think they filmed while they were building the western town. Cool to see it in your pics.


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