College Life is Coming...Are We Ready for That?

My darling baby boy is going away to college in less than two months now. I'm not counting down, but I'm painfully aware.

He just got his housing assignment at USC (Univ of Southern California). He's a Spring Admit so housing options are a bit limited, and he doesn't get to choose -they are assigned just like incoming Fall freshman. Andrew was assigned to one of the campus apartments. It's a 4-person, 2-bedroom, so he'll be sharing a room with someone just as he would be if he was in a dorm room, however, he'll only be sharing a bathroom with 3 other males, not an entire floor of them. And he'll have a kitchen-yay for having a good option to make his own food (sometimes).

Two of his roommates are over 21-which changes the dynamics a bit, but it's fine. He's a good boy, right?

Exciting stuff coming up!! Not for me - my world as I have known it for nearly 2 decades is ending, but for ANDREW - the world is opening up like a giant cave, with so much to explore.  Just watch out for the dragons, young Andrew!


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    you are going to be fine mom...big step...big breath...smiles.

  1. Bittersweet for you I'm sure, but SO exciting, too!

  1. How exciting for Andrew. I know you are nervous, but I know you have taught him well and he IS a good boy.
    Looking forward to hearing all his exciting stories of college life.

  1. carma said...:

    We are NOT ready. (speaking for myself here) - already bummed thinking that I have a mere 2 years before my son will be off to college too :-(

    Andrew is embarking on a wonderful adventure and I bet he will have lots of fun stories to share with you.


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