NaBloPoMo, Step Aside My Friend.

Wow....where did this year go??!! What the hell, yo? It's NOVEMBER already.
And it's not just November. It's November 2nd.
And I didn't blog yesterday.
This might not be news to most of you anyway, since I barely blog anymore....but this is November and every November for the last three years, I have participated in NaBloPoMo, where you blog every day in the month. It's a challenge to stretch your creativity, learn to expand your horizons in writing, push yourself to work hard at being a blogger. And what I just learned is that my horizons aren't expanding and I'm not stretching or pushing myself to blog.
I've just been BUSY. I think I say that every-single-time I blog. But it's true.

Here's what you missed so far this week (outside of boring work stuff):

Sunday - I can't remember. (I'm on lots of meds. I'm hoping that the memory issue is due to the cocktail I'm on). I guess there wasn't anything exciting going on...I must have went grocery shopping. I think I cooked dinner. I maybe did laundry. I think Ginger puked on the floor. We have kitty tummy issues lately (like for the last year. And only when on a white carpet.).

Monday - Bingo night!!! Best costume ever was the normally-quiet bingo guy who dressed up as a Wet T-shirt Winner. He was hilarious, the entire bingo hall was rolling on the floor laughing, or those of us under 65 were rolling on the floor-the others were just laughing in their rockers.

Tuesday - Foster Care Parenting Training #1: Introduction to Foster Care. Woohoo. Am I ready for that? Maybe....I have 16 hours of training to attend and then a 250 page interview, reference checks, criminal background checks, a home study, cat vaccination records (which we don't have at all right now), and THEN I will possibly be providing respite foster care for some wonderful kids who just need love, sweet love.

Wednesday - Went to cardiac rehab in the am, so I stayed late in cubicle-world. Then I drove way out to nowhere and ran a volunteer-type errand, where I was forced to recognize that my goal of the last three years of learning Spanish has not yet been met. I'm a total failure. So disappointing. Next year is MY YEAR to learn Spanish. Maybe I need to type my entire blog in Spanish. Yeah! Good way to practice. Stay tuned for La Vida de Kaylen!

Still to come...
Thursday - Getting my hippy-style hair done after work!! I literally have not had a hair cut/color since the week before Andrew's graduation. That was in JUNE, people!! I don't know many women who go this long without having their hair done. And I know a LOT of women who go on a six-week schedule., like regularly every six weeks! I would like to say my hair is just naturally wonderful and doesn't need all that fluff and stuff....clearly, right?
super cute hairstyle

NaBloPoMo...meh. Overrated. I'm going to try for blogging every other day. That's more original anyway. I'll call it BloPo. Yes. It's my own challenge. Join me?


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    blopo...haha...what a costume...very cool on foster care training

  1. You are SO busy!
    The quiet guy with the crazy costume is my favorite thing to read about all week!

  1. Nat said...:

    I want to learn Spanish, too! I "learned" French (took years of classes), but still don't know how to say pretty much anything. You shall teach me, no? :)

  1. Denis said...:

    Nice picture. Now I'll be watching carefully that you blog every day :)


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