Remember That One REALLY Funny Story I Was Going to Tell You?

I was at the gas station the other day and I thought of something really AWESOME to blog about. And then I said, omg-that is going to be THE best thing I've ever written. Ever. And I thought about it all the way home (it's a mile, but it feels a lot longer) and then I got home and ate dinner and did dishes (I'm kidding-I like to let my food start digesting before I fully dismiss the memory of said food) and did other things and probably talked to the cats and got the mail. And then forgot what I was going to blog about. But it was REALLY effing spectacular. Take my word for it.

The other night I was lying in bed, avoiding sleep by playing this stupid Jewels Maze game on my mega-smart phone, and I had this sudden thought---and I said to myself-WHOA...that is the funniest thing I could ever write about!! I MUST blog it!!! And I thought-should I try to blog on my mega-smart phone? But I didn't want to interrupt my quest to get three stars on all 100 levels of my jewel maze game, and I was so certain there was no way that I would ever forget something so incredibly unique and hilarious. Cause come was HILARIOUS.....and so I played my game, went to sleep, slept past my alarm, and then completely forgot it.

This is my new life.

Andrew is oh-so-tired of hearing about it, as are a few of my friends (maybe all of them, but only a few of them are vocal about it) - but hello-four months ago my heart tried to kill me and now I am on a not-so-fun cocktail of medication and my body is like: hey, let's gain weight - let's sleep like the dead - let's not sleep at all - let's forget EVERYTHING always - let's gain MORE weight - let's be REALLY moody - let's not care about anything - have we gained enough weight yet - let's be grumpy!!!

It's been a fun four months everyone. You have missed a lot by me not blogging. If I could remember it, I would share it.

p.s. I hate my cardiologist.


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    hello there.

    you may not remember me.


    it gets better.

  1. This made me giggle - I do that all the damn time. Glad to know i'm not alone.

  1. Heck, my brilliant ideas come to me in the shower. Sadly, I do not have a waterproof laptop.

  1. Same here... kinda. I always feel like I have a feeling I need to purge on my blog and once I sit in front of the computer I think "who wants to hear this mess??

    Hope you are feeling better. :)


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