Sundays in my City - How to Take Pictures of Reluctant Children edition

I love my camera so much that it sometimes surprises me that the whole world doesn't love it. And want me to take their picture with it. It's such a great camera! I'm not a professional photo by any means, but I think I can capture some great shots. I mostly have my camera in auto-mode, as my photo instructor told me that there's nothing wrong with that and the camera is smart enough to help adjust to get the best photo and that working on composition is a million times better. I think I believe her!

This weekend I was hanging out with a subject who wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with my wonderful camera:

LOVE this photo-esp the gift bag in the corner with the word Big! on it. And how his eye is caught between the fingers. And how his lower hand has natural fingers. And how the tiny toes are in the shot! LOVE it.

His parents said this is his norm. He just doesn't like his picture being taken. But I am a small-child-whisperer and was able to convince him to let me take multiple pictures of him.
 I actually was finished before he lost interest! If he had let me dress him up or take pictures in various places, I would have kept on snapping, but sometimes you just take what you can get.

So here's my non-professional-photo taker secret to working with reluctant tiny kids. I convince them to help me take a picture of something else. In this case, it was a bed full of stuffed animals. So we went through his bed and made sure to take a picture of And after a couple shots, I would show him the picture on the screen and tell him - look at how happy looks! Does anyone else want their picture taken? And he would get excited to get the next animal out. The first time I took a photo, he wasn't smiling. I showed him the photo and told him-oh no, the doggy didn't smile because YOU didn't smile. Should we try it again and see if he smiles for the photo? And he totally fell for it! Haha..foolish little boy.
He's a bit out of focus here, but it COULD have been a perfect shot. Love the bear nose sticking up in the back!
I like the colors on this one. It helps that his walls are painted like the sky.

LOVE this one. I will probably crop it down a bit and get rid of a ton of stuff.

This is outside of the photo shoot of stuffed animals. I totally got lucky on these and I think the key to taking these types of close-ups, which is really what I like, is to just shoot a LOT of pictures. I think I have 10 bad photos before I got this good one.
I was standing in front of him and had my camera hanging from my neck. I'd say: Do you want your picture taken? And he would frown at me and say No! And then I would just hit the shutter button-having the flash on-and then act surprised that it went off at all, which made him laugh-and then I'd hit the shutter again while he was laughing at my reaction. It means I have little control on whether he is actually fully in the shot or not, but whatever works to get the elusive smile, right? This really only held his interest for a short time, but I like two of the shots (from the 10 total I took in this one scene-which unfortunately had a chair behind him):

The next couple are some of my favorites because they feature my oh-so-handsome Andrew. I mean, really-look at how good looking he is!!

With a toddler who doesn't want his picture taken, you can't just have someone pick him up and expect him to smile. So Andrew picked him up from behind and maybe growled in his ear and swung him in a half-circle, giving him a good squeeze. I happened to get lucky again and this was one of the four I got (I'll crop out the bottom half for a final pic):
This was about 3 seconds later:
No babies were harmed in our photo taking. Not physically anyway.

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Unknown Mami


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    ha fun stuff...we just had family pictures done i am feeling

  1. Gramma 2 Many said...:

    I love taking pictures of my Grands. Like you, I never go anywhere without my camera. You had a great subject and your hints are great:)

  1. I have a niece who isn't particularly fond of the camera. You got some really great shots. What a cutie.

  1. Great pictures. He's cute. I love when little kids try to grab the camera. Visiting from SIMC

  1. Unknown Mami said...:

    That first photo is pretty spectacular. I love your camera too. I love mine, but I kinda wish I had spent $50 more and gotten the one you have.

  1. Vidya Sury said...:

    So very sweet. It takes a lot of patience to photograph kids, but the reward is so worth it! Enjoyed the post, Kaylen. I am looking forward to updates from your blog.


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