Choice. It's a Powerful Thing!

This is directly from Married with Luggage, a wonderful blog about a couple who sold everything and took off to travel the world together. Talk about seize the day!!! They seize every single one of each of their days. EVERY single one! I'm insanely jealous of their world-trekking life and I highly recommend their blog. They make me want to do more with my life...

And this was a post of theirs recently - these are not my words, I wish they were, but I'm glad to share them just the same:
You can do it,

and by “it” I mean any of the options you have before you. Picking one over the others is not a permanent choice, and you can change your mind and go in a different direction if it doesn’t work out. You always have options, even when you feel as if you don’t. Especially when you feel as if you don’t.

Changing course completely, adjusting your sails, riding out a storm, anchoring in still waters: it is all up to you.

You are not defined by any single decision in this life.

Your life is a creation of the hundreds of decisions you make every single day, and the definition of you changes slightly with every single choice you make. You are a work in progress, and you won’t be finished until you draw your last breath.

You will mess up,

and when you do it will be a great learning experience for you. You’ll be much better prepared the next time, when that life-changing opportunity comes around. You’ll thank yourself for making a go of it and failing because it will give you the skill to succeed the second or third or 27th time, when it really counts.

Your heart will be full and your heart will break,

and you’ll look back at both instances with a tear in your eye, thankful for the experience. Neither one is too much for your heart, and you are stronger for knowing this.
People will come into your life and change it

in small and profound ways, and you will do the same for them. People will leave your life slowly or suddenly, and you will learn to let go and be thankful for the time you had together. When you leave the lives of other people, you will learn to do it gracefully.

Money will flow all around you or go straight down the drain.

You will find that you can be happy or sad in both scenarios, and this knowledge will give you the power to always be able to take care of your basic needs.
You will get through this,

whatever “this” is, and you will again see the beauty, the wonder, and the cosmic luck you have to be living right now, in this place, with these choices in front of you.


It’s all gonna be okay.

So brilliant. So true.


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    first, their whole concept is pretty amazing...but really love the encouragement in their post as well...great hit...

  1. I really want their brand of courage...

  1. Unknown Mami said...:

    Beautiful, true, and inspirational.

  1. carma said...:

    love this sentiment. it has been my dream for a long time to be able to ditch 90% Of the stuff that weighs me down and live an uncluttered life without having to worry about maintaining things. I admire what they are doing.

    Enjoy the holidays!


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