Weekend Wrap-Up: Doctors and Darlings and Doing Good, oh my

Time is ticking...Andrew is leaving me soon. But we shall not discuss that.

I had a fairly nice weekend.

Friday I went to the local urgent care and had some feelings validated by a friendly doctor that my cardiologist is, indeed, not doing all he should be doing. Unless he's just not telling me-in which case, he's not doing his job as a medical professional. I see a new cardiologist in another week or so and I think I will be much happier. I hear she's not an asshole, so that should be a nice change. And in the meantime, the urgent care doctor tested my liver and kidneys and they are healthy and happy (which is nice considering how I take a handful of drugs each day that could potentially ruin them and my cardiologist has never tested them). My visit was because I have this recurring muscle pain in my upper left body, above my chest area-most definitely not a heart issue, and I'm so totally over it. He thinks it could be due to that above-mentioned daily dose of drugs, but it's hard to say. Either way, it was nice to have a second opinion on it (I saw someone a couple weeks ago and her treatment didn't seem to fix it).

Saturday I had a visitor!! This lovely little blondie came over to spend five and a half hours entertaining me. I ADORE this little girl!!!

I haven't gotten to hang out with a little girl for ages, just one-on-one, for any length of time. I think if all little ones were as awesome as she is, I could open a daycare. But I know she is an anomaly and that most kids aren't as perfect as she is, so alas, I'll keep my day job. We played with action figures that have been neglected for about 10 years, we had some lunch, we colored giant coloring pages (which are way more fun than normal size) while we watched a movie, we played Dance Party for Kids on Kinect, and life was PERFECT. And then her mean mom came and made her rush off and she cried mondo sized tear drops (and we may have laughed at her because it was so ridiculous sounding), which means she very clearly loves me more than anyone in the world.
**note: her name starts with an A - and she's a perfect child. My son's name starts with an A - also perfect. I think I need to keep this in mind when I get a foster child. Children whose names start with A are most compatible with me.

Saturday night was bingo with my bingo gang. I don't know how I could possibly have a better time anywhere else with these people. My workmate and her son and then another workmate, and we have the BEST laughs ever at bingo. We go about once a week most months, and I'm not exaggerating (like I sometimes am apt to do) when I say that we have more fun together than anyone else in the entire bingo hall -there is sometimes a couple hundred (bored and boring) people there! I suspect every person there finds us horribly obnoxious, but the four of us don't care! Well, one of us cares...but she's a good sport about it, and she's usually laughing so hard it doesn't matter. I can't imagine what other people do for entertainment anymore. This is all I know these days....

Today was a volunteer project-I'll cover that tomorrow. It's one of my favorites and I was happy to have three good friends and two repeat volunteers with me. If you don't volunteer throughout the year, there are usually some of the best random volunteer projects planned during this time. However, if you want to volunteer just once a year, feel free to consider March. Or June-July. We see a TON of people who get in the holiday spirit and want to help out in December, which is fabulous and all - but then we still have projects all year which need help, ya know? Christmas in July? Definitely - make it about giving back. There's always someone in need.

Alrighty then - another week begins. And it's just one more week closer to the time when my son leaves me forever. But we're not going to discuss that, right?

Hope you all had a marvelous weekend!


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    ugh...glad you figured out what was going on...and hope you are back int eh right direction...cool on your little buddy to hang out with...and look forward to hearing your volunteer project...took christmas to some single moms this weekend...

  1. My husband's clients are mainly doctors and he says specialists tend to be the WORST (read: biggest jerks). I'm glad you're getting a second shot at care.
    And yay for a great day with a LITTLE KID and for a fun Bingo night!

  1. Glad you're getting more help for your health.
    Your little blond "A" girl is adorable and that photo with the giraffe is so precious. I agree, you should open a daycare, it will help you miss Andrew less. But we aren't going to talk about that.
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a happy and HEALTHY new year.

  1. You know what they call the person who graduates last in his medical school class?


    Glad to hear you're going to someone new. Isn't it a blast to play with little kids?


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