Are You My Doctor? No, Really...Are You?

I am sure I whined about this last year, but my family doctor left me late last year (as if last year couldn't be worse). Back in the day, I don't think I would have cared, but I have been under his care for six years now, as has Andrew, and it's been great to go to someone who knows my history, and cares (or pretends to) about my life.

I've been visiting a few different doctors in the last 4 months, trying to find a family physician and have had no luck. One lady I visited was super-nice, but she was an FNP (nurse practitioner) not a physician. And it was literally her first day. And I swear it appears as if she googled something on her phone during my appt. And it took her 45 minutes to diagnose something that I had diagnosed before I got there and just needed her help finding the best solution, given my (newly diagnosed at that time) heart condition.

The next lady was really into non-drug treatments, which is fine and all, but sometimes you need to take drugs and just get better quickly. Or at the least, take drugs so you can feel better quickly. She was a bit rude about what my other doctors have done in the past, and I just didn't feel good about us being a good match. We don't all make good couples, right? (or so I've told all my ex-boyfriends)

I saw a doctor at a different clinic altogether, closer to home, and he was nice, but when I told him I didn't have a regular family physician currently, he told me I definitely needed to find one, but he wasn't accepting patients, and then he gave me three different options in that clinic. Irritating - I actually liked him.

The one thing that is constant every time I see someone new is their reaction when they see my list of medications I'm on. There are four heart meds that I take daily that typically you find in the chart of a sixty year old patient. They all say - wow, you're so young to be a heart patient! And then they go to the screen with my age, or just ask me, and then they look again at my records, and then repeat, Wow. The next view in my record is to look at my lab results, and then they comment -wow, no high cholesterol now or in the past?? Hmmm...

The doctor I visited today is probably going to be my new regular family physician. Her comment was: wow, got the unlucky straw with these genetics, huh?

Endearing, right? I like her for her directness. I like her for not making me feel like my heart disease is a sole factor of something I have done - because this disease I have does not come about by something a 37-year old does or doesn't do alone (or so they say).

Anyway, I think this new doctor is The One. Thank goodness. I'm done with the interviews.


  1. How incredibly discouraging to doctor-shop. Around here it's awful--many of the good doctors aren't taking new patients and often they're part of a big practice, so without an appointment made weeks ahead, you end up seeing someone else anyway. *sigh*

  1. Denis said...:

    I'm glad you found somebody. I don't go very often :(

    P.S. I started eating flax seed. Hope it helps me

  1. Believe it or not I have found some good doctors by asking pharmacists. They usually knew who had a good reputation and who was really difficult to deal with. If they couldn't get a doc to return a phone call, a patient would probably have a hard time.

    I hope this one ends being a good fit for you.

  1. Aunt Juicebox said...:

    That's good to hear. I need to find a new doctor myself. I'm just not willing to keep driving 45 minutes when I fell like total crap. I love my doctor so he's been hard to give up. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet.

  1. carma said...:

    I recently changed doctors after 10+ years of going to the same one; she was out of town July 4th week and I came down with a wicked sinus infection so I saw someone new, who really seemed to take an interest in my health (or pretended to) - I've been going to her ever since. Plus the MA at my former doctor was just not that friendly and you know I'm in training to be an MA so I'm extra observant now ;-)

    I'm glad you found someone new who will hopefully be you doctor for many years to come.


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