Weekend Wrap-Up: Painting and Walking and Friends, oh my

Another nice and relaxing weekend here in Casa de Empty Nest.

I had dinner with some friends on Friday night and then came home and started painting my dining room. I don't have a finished picture yet because every picture I've taken has shown the walls as gray, though they are def more blue than gray. If you know Devine Paints (everyone should, if they don't already), the color is Denim. And it's pretty close in color to what it sounds like. It really offsets the orangy-red walls I painted last June. I completely and totally love the way it turned out. I'm painting the rest of the room Devine Muslin. I'll post pictures when I'm done with the whole space.

Saturday, I went for a walk with a lovely little girl and her mama. 

Looking for "clues" - for something that was never explained...

An egg! The best clue ever. Found by ME!

Looking for the nest that lost the egg...
Woodpecker clue?

Washed out trail.
I love the mossy tree look.

Big birds that were too far away for us to really identify as anything other than "big birds."
Map consulting to make sure we weren't lost (on the only trail, which leads out and back).
Salamander? Tadpole? Lizard? Swimming rodent?
Later on Saturday, I went for thai food and to see Sherlock Holmes with a group of friends. This particular group is quite intelligent and I always love the conversations we have. We are all very different people - kind of like a Gilligan's Island mish-mash group - so it's interesting to see the interactions and different ways we communicate.

I'm up to season three of Breaking Bad - have you seen this show? The first season made me say, "meh" - but then the second season was more like, "whoa!" If you have strong objections that shows that feature drug usage, or drug selling, or some violence (only between drug dealers) - then you probably can skip it. This is what I was told about it: it's a show about a chemistry teacher who finds out he's dying and starts selling drugs to pay his medical bills and help secure his family's finances before he dies. Sounds interesting, right? Because don't we all worry about leaving our family behind with hideous amounts of debt? It's a pretty interesting show, though there were some episodes where I was barely paying attention because it was just a bit slow, but then there were some episodes that made up for it by being BAM-WOW-OMG. I'm not really getting where season 3 is at, the first episode is odd...we'll see what this season turns out to be.

I skyped with my college boy this morning. He's doing well - loves the area, of course. All blue skies, all the time. He's joining a fraternity, which came as a surprise to both of us really, as he wasn't really interested before he got down there. They went on a scavenger hunt the other night. In Hollywood. One which ended at a restaurant that was rented out to their group for the evening. Just another day in LA, right? I'm going down to visit in early March-it will be good to see him in person again-I miss him!!


  1. Mom Taxi Julie said...:

    Looks like a nice hike! The birds look like maybe voltures?

    Sounds like your son is having fun at college, I could go for that fun scavenger hunt and dinner :)

  1. Vidya Sury said...:

    That was such a lovely read, Kaylen. Good to know Andrew is doing well. :-) The photos are gorgeous!

  1. Denis said...:

    Looks like you like kids of all ages

  1. Love the Salamander/Tadpole? photo.

    Can you tell us which frat? At University Of Tropical Paradise they aren't allowed to do scavenger hunts after a few went bad and morphed into semi-hazing.

    My daughter's frat friends were gentlemen who really took care of their female friends. They took her to the ER when she got sick and came out to her work when she needed to fix a flat tire. They never let the girls walk alone when they are downtown at night.

  1. carma said...:

    what a fun adventure. Always good to have a map when GPS is not available especially on a one way path :D


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