Google TV - YES, I Think So!

You know how lately it seems like Google is taking over our lives?
Our search engine, our blog, our reader, our photos, our's all up in our bizness.
And's also taking over our television.

I have never had a brand new television that I have gone out and purchased with my own money from a business. I'm almost 38 years old!! I've had hand-me-down tvs, and tv's bought at garage sales, and tv's bought on Craigslist - but never a pull-the-tv from a box, unwrap it and take off the wrapping, brand spanking new television of my very own. Which has been fine, I'm a thrifty person and I love saving money, and I especially don't want to focus my life on a monster tv that takes money and time away from me.

Until NOW!!!

Thanks to a sweet tax refund, courtesy of money I gave my government throughout the year (but mostly due to a wonderful education credit for being the parent of a college student) - I was able to buy my first new and wonderful television. And I'm still not paying more than $5 for cable!

I got a killer deal on a Sony Google tv package and am the proud owner of a lovely Smart tv.

The Google TV seems to be a great fit for me so far. I can watch tv and movies from various streaming sites, including my Prime account. I can browse the internet, stalk people on facebook, read the news-ANYTHING in glorious color.
AND somehow when I hooked up my television up to my cable connection, it somehow gave me HD channels. Did I mention I pay $5 for cable? That $5 doesn't include HD, does it? Who knows - I don't and I'm not going to be asking anyone at my cable company either. I just LOVE IT.
It's only been a few days, but so far, the Google tv is amazing.

It's got a pretty quick internet connection and the remote is a keypad, easy to type on. The major downside is that the remote doesn't have a backlight (lame) so if I'm watching a movie in the dark, I can't see the keypad buttons. However, I see that there's actually an app for my smartphone to act as a remote for my smart tv, so that might take care of that. I haven't tried it yet, no time-but will this week. It has good reviews, so I'm hoping it works.
It's a Google product, so I can view all my photos on the tv, read my google reader-anything you can do on your computer-I can probably do on my television!! It's just crazy.

So - to wrap up....I LOVE the Google tv.


  1. Lenore Webb said...:

    Google has a TV? How much was it? And how do you pay $5 for cable. Oh and also and here is your Valentine's gift from me!

  1. Brian Miller said...:

    this is pretty cool...knew it was out but have yet to play with one...

  1. My friend has this, too. She's had a few glitches, but I think she still is happy.

  1. Denis said...:

    Can't wait to see your new TV. Curious about these HD channels. Is it just for the 4 networks?

  1. Unknown Mami said...:

    Wow! As much as Google has been irritating me lately, I still think that is beyond cool. I'm glad you got yourself such a nice treat. You deserve it!

  1. I have google tv and i'm so annoyed because I didn't pay for the wireless internet attachment and I dont' have a DSL cable near it so I can't hook it to the internet which means I can't use the ap on my iPad and its driving me absolutly fucking insane. But the husband says I can't run an internet cord up the stairs, through the kitchen and down the hall to the living room with that TV.


    but i love my tv. i can even twitter from it and read my google reader from it.


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