Happy Birthday, ME!!!!

It's almost my birthday!
Hard to believe I'm going to be 38. Yikes, almost 40!! A lot happened to me when I was 37 - traveled a bunch, found out my artery was almost completely blocked, nearly cut off part of my finger, became an empty-nester, etc. I'm hoping that my 38th year of life is as busy but all positive stuff. 

I had some friends over to celebrate on Saturday night. We had a little potluck and played games all night. It was a great group - some friends I rarely see, and some friends that I haven't seen in much too long. 
I made margaritas - the first batch may have been a bit too strong, and this explains how I spent the first half of the evening:
Most of my friends don't drink, but luckily, Wendy stepped up and was my margarita-drinking partner.

 No explanation:

Peanut butter and chocolate. One of my friends told me once that he sometimes has his peanut butter jar in his car because if he's driving and he wants to have a chocolate bar while driving, he likes to dip the chocolate in the peanut butter. Nothing weird about that, right?
 Fun times with wonderful friends. A great way to usher me off to age 38!

And, for the third year in a row, I collected shampoo products at my birthday party to donate to a local low-income housing center. I haven't done an official count yet, but I am estimating that, thanks to my wonderful and generous friends and family, I have close to 100 bottles to donate!!



  1. Brian Miller said...:

    happy almost birthday to you! smiles.

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Looks like you celebrated it very well.

  1. Kaylen's mom said...:

    Happy birthday to a wonderful daughter. Love you lots!

  1. Glad you had a wonderful birthday. Looks like the party was fantastic, one I would have enjoyed.
    I'm so glad you were able to collect so many more shampoo products for the needy... you ROCK.
    Wishing you another fabulous year filled with health, happiness and love. =)

  1. Vidya Sury said...:

    Not sure if my comment went through. Happy, happy birthday to you, Kaylen! Have a great year ahead!

  1. Denis said...:

    Happy Birthday! I liked your margarita drinking photo, looking good


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