I Paint, I Walk, I Scare Furry Friends

This whole "empty nest" thing isn't so horrible! I'm staying so busy! 

Last weekend I decided to paint one of the living rooms. When we moved in (yikes-almost three years ago!), the house was painted like a pastel easter egg basket. Pastel green in one living room, faint pink in another, seafoam green in the bedroom, pale tan in the hallway. Very light, light colors. No real COLOR, nothing that stands out. That might have been important when trying to sell this house, but it is not really best for me to live with for the rest of my life. One of my friends had a home that had bold and bright colors in almost every room, like a Crayola box, and I loved almost every wall and dreamed of a day when I would have a house and could paint the walls. And now I do own a house and the painting continues!

I painted one small area last summer. It's a burnt orangey-red type color. No picture I have taken has really conveyed the color I think it is when I look at it. I had lasik a couple years ago - maybe it affected the way I view colors in real life vs in photos?
This week I painted some walls nearby with a color called Denim. When I look at it, I totally see denim colored. When I take a photo, it comes out pretty grey. You will all have to come by to take a look to really feel this color, but here's a photo anyway that closely represents my blue:
I really love it-and I really love the way it contrasts with the orangey wall. 
The rest of the room was a really pale pink. I hated it from day one. Most people didn't realize it was pink, and I'm not a pink-hater, but this pink...bleh. The worst pink ever. So I painted it a color called Muslin, which is a tan with no pink tones:
See the pink now??? I still have to paint all the baseboards white because some genius painted them....pink. Puke.
Last weekend, I went for a two hour walk with a friend (and his new girlfriend) who I haven't seen for about two years. He's one of my oldest friends and someone I can just catch up with whenever and it's like we've always been in touch.  He's seen me through some really hard times and it's just unfortunate that we don't live closer. Regardless, we finally got a chance to get together.
The day was PERFECT - check out the blue in this photo! This is the actual blue, not like my wall blue that is camera-shy.

There's a trail that goes something like 21 miles from the suburbs into downtown Portland, and they are extending it even further. It's been around for AGES and people use it to commute by bike to work-better than driving on the street! I hope to walk most of it this year and see different sections, maybe at end of summer, we can plan to walk the entire route (ha).
 We passed by this elderly couple, they may have been in their 70's, walking along, with her holding his bent elbow. They were adorable, and we created a storyline about them walking this trail every day for the last 30 years together, waking up at 5am and walking for four hours each time.

I saw these young trees all lined up, looking nicely aligned and perfectly conformed. I stopped to take a picture and commented on how I love the straight lines of trees and how perfect they look in a nice, neat line and was heckled because apparently people plant them in a line intentionally so it's not like it's anything special that they grow this way. Whatever.

Today, I took one of the cats to the vet for a rabies shot, required for my foster care parent certification. It might sound mean, but I love taking Whiskers in the car. He makes this very abnormal cry which makes me laugh each time. And he looks so pathetic! I make him ride in the carrier on the way to the vet, but after being such a good boy at the appointment, I feel like he deserves his freedom on the way home. In the past, he has insisted on standing on my lap and looking out the window, but today he chose to lay beneath my legs and stare me down (he won but only because I had to watch the road).
Oh - and speaking of furry friends - we have this fence in our back yard and I often see sweet little squirrels running along the top of it. Yesterday I was working from home and see one out of the corner of my eye, but  instead of a fluffy brown squirrel, I see a fat masked monster of a raccoon. I tried to scare him to discourage him from hanging out, but he was concentrating very hard on his balancing skills and just rambled on by like it was totally natural. Hello, nocturnal much??


  1. I always like coming across older couples holding hands as they walk.
    Three cheers for fresh paint on walls!

  1. I can totally see the pink. You definitely improved it!

  1. Vidya Sury said...:

    :-) Such a lovely read! Hmm...sometimes I find it a bit eerie that our lives are similar in some ways :D I remember thinking that when I read your post about friends.

    Some years ago, - re the wall color, we had the exact situation in our house - with one bedroom being a cheery lemon yellow, the other being strawberry pink - the milkshake-y sort (yeah, go figure!) kitchen a happy peach, living room ivory (i insisted) and the third bedroom also a sober ivory. Well, I had plans for the walls and thought a neutral would be a good idea. And now, I find myself wanting to see some bright color on my living room walls - been contemplating doing a reddish orange on one wall. Anyway, after reading this post, I am dying to do it this week!

    I so enjoy reading your posts, Kaylen. How's Andrew doing?

    Love, Vidya

  1. Love the paint colors.

    Our new kitten HATES the car, but only when the car is moving. Her mew is very pathetic. She gets quiet at red lights and starts again when the car moves.


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