Save Your Life - Why, Yes, I Believe I Can! Hellooo,CPR Certification!

Today I completed yet another step towards my foster care parent certification - first aid/cpr completion.
That's an EIGHT hour class people!!! (technically seven since you get an hour lunch break)
I took CPR years and years ago, but never first aid. Why would I-I'm a MOM. So I know first aid, thank you very much. If I didn't, would a hospital really let me leave with a brand new baby? No. When you give birth, you instantly know how to do most any first aid.

Strangely enough, at every point in the first aid class today - I learned something new!

  • You really aren't supposed to try to suck out the venom from a snake.
  • If you get stung by a jellyfish, peeing on it is not the cure. (Sorry,Monica!)
  • If you are helping a burn victim, first you get the burned clothing off, but then you need to get them under some kind of blanket or they will get hypothermia.
  • Anytime you go to assist someone with any first aid at all, first you look around you and then you call out: Scene clear! which indicates that there are no more hazards in the area.
And then the second half of the day was the CPR portion - where I learned that our state does not require teachers to be CPR certified. And that the first two minutes, 120 seconds!!, are the most critical for a child with a respiratory problem. After two minutes, they now have a cardiac problem and are on their way to dying. So the children in Oregon go to school and are surrounded by kids, who probably don't know cpr, and teachers, who may or may not, and yet there are only 120 seconds before they are potentially set up for some life-altering brain damage. School bus drivers ARE required to know CPR. Lesson here - if your child stops breathing, it's better if they do so on a bus, not at school. Scary!!!! My instructor is looking to have a bill passed in the next 2 yrs that will require teachers to be certified. Or at least for schools to have a certain number of certified staff per student population.

I also learned that providing CPR really hurts the wrists!!! I hope that if I ever have to use my newly-learned life saving abilities, that someone else is nearby who can do the compressions, cause I don't know how long I can keep up that pace with my bad wrists. I suppose it would be a test of whether I really care about you or not....

Oh-and this was a KEY takeaway: Defibrillators are SUPER easy to use! Prior to this class, I would have been scared to open the box of one, were it needed in an emergency. Now I know that this was really foolish - if you open the case the AED (defibrillator) comes in, it has two pads with directions on where you put each one. And it has a green button that you push to start the machine. Once you push the green button, the AED actually talks you through each step!!! It literally says: place the pads. Clear space. Do not touch the victim. Stand back from the victim. Verifying heart rhythms. Shock needed! Stand back from the victim. Push orange button for shock. Do not touch the victim. Shock has been administered. Resume CPR.
So EASY!!!!!!!!!

It talks to you!!! Who knew??? I thought it was like on ER and I was going to have to have paddles that I would need to charge and then I would have to place them in key areas (by guesstimating) and then I have to yell CLEAR - and then I put the paddles down and push the button on each one simultaneously.
Nope - nothing at all like that!

So make note everyone ---- if someone has collapsed and they are an adult (or over 12), USE THE DEFIB!!!! Right away! Someone else should call 911 while you're very busy saving a life, but do not be afraid of that defibrillator! It will help save someones life and you will be a hero and win the most karma points of anyone you know (excluding any doctor friends you have).


  1. I never knew that about jellyfish, but I have heard about the CPR stuff. Defribs are SO amazing.

  1. My daughter is planning to get CPR certified before she starts teaching. I don't even know if it's required. Schools are starting to cut full-time school nurses, so First-aid training might be a good thing.

  1. Vidya Sury said...:

    Peeing on a jellyfish eh? Hmm!

    Congratulations, Kaylen! That's a lot of info - and how rewarding to know you can save a life!

  1. I am so proud of you!

    Seriously you are my hero with all the stuff you are doing and contributing to the world :)


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