Andrew Comes Home!!

My darling son Andrew came home to visit for the weekend! He is going to India for spring break next week so this was (probably) our only visit until the summer. He has an action-packed weekend full of friends, family, food, getting his hair cut, having a singing lesson, going shopping, barely sleeping, playing bananagrams. I'm sure it felt like a whirlwind to him, but it was so great to have him home. I miss him!!!

He was good about carving out plenty of mom time. Saturday we went down to the Portland Saturday Market. It's always fun to wander around and see what they have or what people are doing. 

The Game of Real Life - where you become pregnant at 16, become a drug addict, go to jail, shoot your neighbor.

These are made entirely out of hand-written numbers. NUMBERS!!! I love these!! I love the person that can not only create amazing artwork but do so using just numbers!

Hey big dog! 

Creative license plate!
My young son is gone again, off to college and then very soon-off to India!! I can't wait to see the pictures and hear all about it. Maybe I can get him to write a guest post? Stay tuned for more....

This is my busy time at work. It's late nights, exhausting days, helping multiple people at one time, trying to keep a smile on my face and hold back the yawning as much as possible. 

I have a new manager now, which is good and bad - good because we weren't really compatible and bad because she knew the job so well and it helped make my job easier.. My last one left to get away from the rat race and tend to her aging parents. She has no job and no plan for one right now - she lived a frugal (boring) life for the last 25 years and now she's not yet 45 -and free of a stressful career! So jealous. Not of the last 25 years that she lived watching every penny (literally), but of her freedom to do what she pleases now. We should all have that experience at some point in life.


  1. India---what a fantastic spring break :)

    I am kind of doing what your old boss did--trying to get to a point where I can choose to work by the time I am 50 :)

  1. Vidya Sury said...:

    Wow! I am so thrilled. He already looks somewhat different and grown up from the photos you posted when he left for college, Kaylen!

    Which cities does he plan to visit in India? I am sure he'll have a wonderful trip!


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