Homeless in the Suburbs

I live in a residential neighborhood where we all have six foot high fences separating each yard. I never talk to my neighbors, rarely see them actually, and as far as I can tell, they never talk to each other either.

We have a neighborhood cat who roams where he pleases, but has never been a real pest, other than the fact that he's 100% deaf and doesn't scare when you yell at him if he's in your garage and you don't see him until you're closing the door. He sticks pretty close to home though and only comes around in the summer when everyone is working outside.

If we do get a cat in our backyard, we scare it off. I don't want some fickle feline marking up my backyard, taunting my indoor cats.

But about 9 days ago, I noticed that the most recent cat I've been scaring off was actually napping in a pile of leaves right off my deck. Who does that??
You can just see a patch of white in this first picture (look to the right of the tree), where he's all curled up, trying to stay warm while he naps.
I scared him away, but he didn't GO away. He went under my deck.

And then I repeatedly saw him over the course of the week and I couldn't convince him to go home.
Being the detective that I am - I added up the signs and I believe this kitty is actually homeless.

We have a few homeless humans out here in the suburbs, and I've talked to most of them when doing my recycling (which is where they hang). There's the guy who is disabled and can't get work who lives in his car with his wife. I usually buy them something to eat when I go grocery shopping and see them. Or if I'm doing my aluminum recycling, I split the proceeds with him, which is fair because he actually keeps me company and helps break down my boxes.

So it stands to reason that I would think to feed the little homeless guy in my backyard!

I've posted his pics on Craigslist and I'm hoping that someone recognizes him. I wandered the neighborhood and asked a few people around the local 2 blocks, but nobody knows who he might belong to.

I feel like he must be an indoor cat - he cried when I took the food container outside and shook it. Feral cats don't know that noise do they?? It's really hungry. It ate two servings yesterday and most of a heaping plate today. Hopefully someone sees my ad for him soon. I think I'll post some flyers up near the elementary school down the street and at the major intersections.

I really think it's someone's pet who was scared from home during the big storm last week. If someone doesn't claim it soon, I'm going to trap it and take it in and see if it has a microchip, but if I do that and he does not, do I just bring him home?? That seems sad-it would have to stay outside. But if I take it to the humane society, it will be up for adoption in three days, and then someone loses the chance to get their pet back. Oy, choices....for now, I need to pick a name for him and start feeding it regularly.


  1. Dillypoo said...:

    Poor little thing! I hope you find his owner (or a new home) soon.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love new visitors.


  1. Denis said...:

    Looks cute. Are you sure it's a boy cat? Girl's can be homeless too.

    I'm afraid for your first foster. They will be photographed like crazy for your blog or is that against the rules?

  1. Classic NYer said...:

    You know, I never think about homeless people in the suburbs. I've been homeless in the city (and it sucks) but in the suburbs...?

    (Forgive me, but I have a hard time worrying about a homeless cat when you've mentioned the homeless people.)

  1. I wish I lived closer. We need a cat.

  1. Allison said...:

    Hi honey!! I just wanted to let you know about CAT adoption team-they are a no kill shelter in Sherwood, and I know they would find him a wonderful home if no one responds to your ads on Craigslist. Please let me know if you'd like more information on them-I'm a huge supporter of them. Sorry its been awhile since I've seen you! Lets catch up soon over dinner or something soon okay? Much love, Allison Browning


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