What to Do: Old Paint, Old Homes

When I bought my house, the previous owner left me every paint can he had ever bought, nicely labeled with what room it was for and what year it was bought. I've just left them alone in the garage for the last 2.5 yrs, aside from a mishap where I grabbed a can to do some touch-ups and found that the color had faded - which encouraged my desire to paint my walls last month.

The paint is OLD - some are dated back to 2003. Some are 2007. The newest is 2009. Some are over half-full. Some have just about a quarter of the can left.
  • Should I continue to keep the paint?
  • Should I paint the boring sheet rock in my garage - not just the plain colors, but maybe create my own color by mixing a little bit of the leftovers?
  • Should I just recycle it at my local paint store?


I pulled our old bird nest down off the security lights finally. The security lights look lonely now. I'm hoping another bird will come along and build there, as it really was great fun to watch the baby birds grow up-and learn to fly! It really wasn't fun when one of the babies was found in a heap of broken bones on the deck (sad!).
Inside the birds nest are these seed like things. Anyone know what they are?

What should I do with my nest? I have two now-this one from the back yard and a tiny one that was in the eaves of our front walkway.
  • Do I need to do anything to make them sanitary?
  • Should I just toss them in the yard debris?
  • Should I put them outside for some other creature to take off and make into their own?
  • Should I see if a local elementary school wants them for a birding unit?


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    i got no clue on the nest...

    but i would dump the paint, it has probably seperated...just got rid of a can we had for a while this weekend...i opened it...it was not pretty...

  1. Toss the nest--it's fine. The bones might be a dead bird that didn't make it.
    If the paint is old, get rid of it. Most cities have a "clean sweep" week where you can bring that sort of stuff in for proper disposal at no cost.

  1. Unknown Mami said...:

    I say search Pinterest for some kind of project to do with the old paint. Or figure out how to dispose of it.

  1. Denis said...:

    That nest looks huge. How's Andrew's marks at school? The first year is critical


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