Are you Flighty? Feel Free to Humor Me and Say Yes!

I have held a number of jobs in my life, changing careers like a gazelle changing direction...everything kind of flowed quick and easy.

I haven't really been unemployed very long in my life. Once when I first moved to college, I was unemployed for a few months. When I first graduated from college, the job I had lined up fell through and I was unemployed for 3 months (though I had temp jobs during that time). When I first returned from Korea, I was unemployed for a couple months, and again when I moved to my current city - two months. So my entire adult life, I have been unemployed for about one year total my entire life, though even during that time frame, I held a number of short-term temp jobs.
I feel like it is ridiculously lucky that I can say that. I have a couple friends who have been unemployed for AGES and are having such trouble finding permanent work. It really makes you grateful to have a good job!

The jobs I have had average less than five years each. Here's a breakdown for you:
  • Small Town Police Dept #1: Records position - 2 years
  • Small Town Police Dept #2: (was asked to interview by hiring officer) -18 months
  • Community Action Center: I went there for services as a poor, single mom and somehow convinced someone to hire me - I worked there for 3 yrs throughout college.
  • College Police Dept - 18 months during college
  • Portland Non-Profit: Training team - 2 years (left to go to Korea)
  • Small Private English School in Korea - 12 month contract
  • Tacoma (WA) Non-Profit - 8 months (moved out of the area)
  • Portland Hospital: Admin work, left to work in other department - 3 years
  • Portland Hospital: Scheduling/Admin work in other department, offered job in current industry - 18 months
  • PR Firm: HR for 1 year, HRIS team for 2.5 yrs
Look at the time frames there!! I have not been in any one job for over 3 years, EVER.
I'm 38 years old, how is that possible??
One of the aunts I was in Vegas with still works at the same law firm she has worked for her ENTIRE life. My parents worked in the same career for as long as I can remember. One of my closest work friends has been in her job for 19 years!

So all this is proof of one key thing: I am flighty.

I found a statistic to make me feel a little better about my flightiness. It appears I'm not alone:


  1. But think of the texture and experience in your life with all those changes! You have done SO many things!

  1. I agree with Green Girl, however I've been with the same company for what will be 10 years this September. John on the other hand, same position, 4 different companies in the same time span.

  1. Brian Miller said...:

    i def have not held steady jobs...but i have moved around organizations a lot too...oy...when will i ever learn....


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