Weekend Update - Parents and Popcorn Edition

I have two weekends "off" from foster parenting (not because I need a break yet). This weekend my parents came to town. They are going on a gambling road-trip. First stop was my house.

We went to play bingo at my local place (where I happened to go the night before with my work friends-hello, gamble much, Kaylen?). My mom won a bingo early on -which is great, but she had to share it with six people  and so she only actually won $12, however, that paid for her entire bingo expenses AND she got to yell bingo, so it's a total win.

They stayed the night at my house and then they hit the road at some ungodly hour, something like 5:30am, and are headed to Reno. They are staying one night in Reno and then heading to Vegas - where we are having a mini family reunion Tuesday-Thursday, and then they are driving back through Reno and stopping again at my house. This is the life of a retiree...just drive and drive and do your own thing. It sounds like a good life.

Today I am (finally) going to see Hunger Games and even though I have been forewarned on some issues that were missed from the book, I am sure it's going to be wonderful anyway. I'm also looking forward to the movie popcorn-which I only have twice a year and LOVE. The theater we are going to has a kids pack, which is the perfect amount of popcorn and a mini-soda. Yum.

And I have just Monday at work and then I fly out at some ungodly hour on Tuesday am. I have The Moth podcasts ready and the anxiety pills to help me step onto a plane which may or may not plummet to the ground at any time. I suppose I should figure out what clothes I'm going to take as well.

Update - the backyard cat has thwarted my plans of relocation and she persists in living under my deck. Frustrating. I do like the idea of having a cat in the backyard to hang out with me while I garden, but I don't really WANT another cat right now. And she seems miserable in the rain - and it rains EVERY day (love you Oregon!).

Hopefully my next update will be later this week with some exciting news of all the jackpots I have won.


  1. I hope you win some serious tuition-paying money!

  1. Slyde said...:

    i am waiting to read the hunger games before i see the movie. i had it on backorder at the library...

  1. Hi! I love your blog, especially the details of your emerging work as a respite foster carer. My blog is dealing with working with children in out of home care and may have useful links for you. Check it out: http://knightlamp.blogspot.com.au/

    Most people dont realise how foster carers need to juggle their 'normal' lives, hobbies, friends, family with the needs of fostered children. sounds like you are doing a great job.


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