Andrew, Andrew, Where Have You Been??

Andrew has been a busy bee!!! Here's some of the things he has done this year:

  • Started as a freshman at the University of Southern California
  • Joined a frat
  • Learned how to manage his time between classes, living on his own (with three roommates), figuring out a new city, buying a bike to get around
  • Left the frat
  • Went to parties
  • Rejoined the frat
  • Stressed about time management
  • Learned that high school was EASY and college is HARD
  • Left the frat
  • Prepared for an international trip
  • Flew home for a weekend to visit ME
  • Went to India for 10 days (pictures are coming soon)
  • Got a hickey at a party and didn't know who gave it to him
  • Tried different methods of dealing with the messiest roommate in the world
  • Got sick
  • After weeks of me nagging, took his immunization paperwork to the health clinic for their files - and passed out in the lobby 
  • Got diagnosed with strep throat, went home to bed
  • Got diagnosed with mono, stayed in bed for weeks
  • Got behind in classes
  • Felt miserable
  • Finished most of his finals
  • Went to some parties
  • Packed his apartment
  • Went to San Francisco to visit his Nana
  • CAME HOME!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh man! I had Mono my senior year in Hs it was terrible tell him to rest a lot. India sounds awesome yay Andrew.

  1. Kaylen's mom said...:

    Welcome home Andrew!!

  1. Brian Miller said...:

    wow...went to india, how cool is have been busy this first year....

  1. Lenore Webb said...:

    and through it all....looking good.
    Glad you had a fantastic year Andrew!

  1. Vidya Sury said...:

    I love, love, love this post! Welcome home,Andrew! So happy for you, Kaylen! Have the best Sunday ever!

  1. Pam Lofton said...:

    Bah hahahahahaha! I'm going to be cracking up over this one all day! Hilarious! Sounds like freshman year!

  1. Mom Taxi Julie said...:

    Oh you are making me nervous to send my girl off in August!!


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